Enjoy interacting wi

Enjoy interacting with owls at the owl cafe in Shinsaibashi

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Recently, cafes, where visitors can enjoy interacting with animals like cats and dogs, are becoming increasingly popular.
Not only dogs and cats but also cafes with hedgehogs are becoming popular among women.

We have already introduced cat cafe and hedgehog cafe, but today, we are going to introduce you to an owl cafechouette” in Shinsaibashi, which is popular among foreign tourists as well!


The relaxing owl cafe, chouette

Store picture

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chouette is a cafe where you can see owls in a close range and interact with them too.
Located between Shinsaibashi station (Midosuji subway line) and Nagahoribashi Station (Sakaisuji subway line), chouette is easily accessible, and people can visit the cafe when they have some time to spare during work or sightseeing.

The cafe area and the interaction area is separated. Therefore, you can enjoy drinking coffee while enjoying watching the owls or actually taking pictures. Regardless of how you enjoy, you will definitely feel relaxed!

In chouette, you can enjoy interacting with 26 owls.

Interacting with varieties of owls

Watching outside

There are a wide variety of owls in the cafe, with different sizes and patterns.

Each owl has a different characteristic. Some owls stare into the camera when taking pictures, while others have an imposing posture.

Why don’t you seek for your favorite owl and take pictures of it?

Enjoy the unique charms of owls, different from dogs or cats.
It’s very fun to see their cute timing when they are dosing off or being a bit clumsy♪

《Price for chouette》

1 hour with 1 drink・・・1500円
additional 30 minutes・・・+500円
【Elementary school student and younger】
1 hour with 1 drink・・・500円
additional 30 minutes・・・+200円

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Name of the facility

2F 1921 building, 1-9-21 Higashi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Nagahoribashi Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)▶3 min. walk from 5-A exit
■Shinsaibashi Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line, Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line)▶7 min. walk from Crysta Nagahori South 3 exit

Business hours
Monday - Saturday 11:00 ‐ 20:00
Sunday・holiday 11:00 ‐ 19:00