Japanese cuisine and

Japanese cuisine and exquisite meat dishes” made with delicate skills at Osaka “Kitashinchi”!

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There are many well-known stores in Osaka’s number one pleasure district “Kitashinchi”.

The restaurant introduced this time is “a well-know store you should visit once when coming to Osaka” which gathers many fans for its expertise and skillfulness!

Its name is “Nikusumika Wacyu”.
At this restaurant you can enjoy Japanese cuisine and exquisite “meat dishes” made with delicate skills.

The “meat dishes” of Nikusumika Wacyu are noteworthy!

Picture of block meat
As indicated by its store name, Nikusumika Wacyu, you can enjoy its greatest strength, the delicious “meat dishes”.
The restaurant purchases “A4 rank female meat of the Kuroge Wagyu beef” from several carefully selected distributors different for each cut of meat.
To offer steady and high quality meat the restaurant doesn’t solely focus on brands but looks at the actual meat and only purchases good quality.

Special course with Kuroge Wagyu beef 12,000 Yen-

This restaurant offers no usual à la carte menu but only courses. These courses are all special courses which let you enjoy meat!
Picture of meat dishes

All of them are delicious but the “3 sorts of charcoal grilled beef” with each cut grilled separately and the “Sukiyaki” are especially exquisite!
We introduce this deliciousness!

To make the meat even more delicious Nikusumika Wacyu also uses a convection steam oven.
By using a convection steam oven it is not only possible to heat the meat evenly on the whole but also to properly lock up the good taste.

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Name of the facility
Nikusumika Wacyu

1-3-3 Sonezakishinchi, Kita Ward, Osaka  Koyo Bldg. 202




Nearest station
・JR Tozai Line "Kitashinchi" Station ▶ 2 minutes' walk
・Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line "Nishi-Umeda" Station exit no. 10 ▶ 4 minutes' walk
・Hanshin Main Line "Umeda" Station exit no. D28 ▶ 6 minutes' walk
・Keihan Nakanoshima Line "Oebashi" Station ▶ 3 minutes' walk

Business hours
【Mon~Sat, days before public holidays】PM5:30~PM11:00

Regular holiday
Sunday, public holidays

12000 Yen

A service fee of 5% will be charged in addition to the price of the courses.