HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel


Enjoy the amusement park in the middle of the town at HEP FIVE and its “FERRIS WHEEL”

This red Ferris wheel located in the large scale shopping center HEP FIVE, is 75 meters in diameter and is the symbol of this building.
The entrance is located on the seventh floor, and from the top of the Ferris wheel (106 meters), you can see downtown Osaka along with Akashi straits.

The eye-catching red Ferris wheel

The famous symbol of Osaka’s popular amusement facility HEP FIVE is the red Ferris wheel.
Here at this popular attraction, you can experience a whole new view of Osaka, making you feel like you are away from your daily life.

Best to ride on a sunny day

Within the Ferris wheel, there is a board to guide you through the locations of popular places which you can see from the window.
When the weather is nice, you can see Osaka Castle, Abeno Harukas, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, and even Ikoma mountain.

Looking at the city of Osaka from the top

From the seventh floor of HEP FIVE, you will ascend to the height of 106 meters with the Ferris wheel.
Why don’t you enjoy the amazing view of this 15-minutes ride?

A different view in the night time

In the nighttime, you can see the panoramic view of the night town.
Enjoy the beautiful lights of Osaka from this great location.

The bold presence within the surrounding skyscrapers

The red Ferris wheel at HEP FIVE is 75-meter long that is designed to sit on top of the amusement facility.
The view from the gondola will introduce and amaze you with a different view of Osaka.

Name of the facility
HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

5-15, Kakudacho, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi


Nearest station
■Umeda Station (Hankyu line, Hanshin line, Osaka Metro Midosuji line)
■Osaka Station (JR line)
■Higashiumeda Station (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)
■Nishiumeda Station (Osaka Metro Yotsuyabashi line)

Business hours
Shopping area 11:00-21:00
Restaurant 11:00-22:30
Amusement area 11:00-23:00

Regular holiday

Admission fee
500 yen
Free for children under the age of 5.