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Experience Japan’s Summer by making Wind Bells

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Wind bells are essential for Summer in Japan.
The sound of the bells ringing in the wind makes us feel as though the temperature is cooler than it really is.

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Experience Japanese summer with wind bells

The number of wind bells in Japan has been decreasing. However, it has become to attract the attention of foreign visitors.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to the history of wind bells, and also a place in Osaka where you can make one for yourself.

Did you know?

Wind bells were originally hung at houses as a protection from evil.

A wind bell hung for protection from evil

Back in the times of Táng in China, wind bells were hung on the four corners of temples and houses to ward off evil by their ringing sounds. These wind bells were called “Futaku (風鐸),” and was spread across Japan along with Buddhism.

Later, Hounenshounin, the founder of Jodo shu which is a branch of Buddhism, named the wind bell Furei. This name eventually changed to Furin, which is the name known now.

Furin’s come in many kinds of shapes and materials such as steel, copper, glass, pottery, wood, charcoal, crystal etc.

The place where glass was born in Japan

In this article, we will focus on wind bells made of glass.

Did you know that Osaka is the birthplace of glass?

In the early Showa period, the glass industry was a huge industry. It was so huge that Osaka’s economy was sustained thanks to glass.

The fact that Osaka is the birthplace of glass is carved on a stone at Osaka Tenmangu, which is 400 south of Osaka Tenmangu Station.

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Name of the facility
Kawauchi Furin

2-11-6 Myokenzaka, Katano-shi



Nearest station
Kisaichi Station (Keihan Katano line)▶15 min. walk