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Discover the hidden charms of Osaka! Try Japanese cultural experiences in Izumisano City

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When you hear Izumisano City, Rinku Outlet Mall and Kansai Airport may be the first things that come into your head. However, the area has many more hidden charms and attractions on offer, and you can find many experiences and products that will give you a taste of Japanese culture here.
Here is our selection of some of the best little-known, appealing experiences and products Izumisano has to offer!

You are the sushi master! Roll your own sushi at a traditional farm house!

Experience scenery
First is the “Deco Maki Sushi” experience at Tsubame traditional farm house where you can make your own decorated sushi roll.

Deco (=decorated) Maki (=rolled) Sushi is cute decorated rolled sushi which is made so that a picture or pattern is visible when it is cut into slices. Experiences making this unique sushi are popular among overseas visitors.

Why not try this exciting experience? You won’t know what kind of sushi it will turn out be until you cut into it and see the finished picture.

All the required tools and ingredients are prepared for you beforehand so you can come in and start making your own sushi right away!

At first, you may be unsure if you’ll be able to make shape the parts well, but no worries: the instructor will give simple demonstrations and guidance for you to follow. Even beginners to sushi and cooking can follow along and make a cute sushi roll!

What is the difference between normal rolled sushi and Deco Maki Sushi? You can add your own modern art design into the sushi.

Deco Maki Sushi

Deco Maki Sushi is almost like modern art made into sushi: each ingredient forms a part of bigger designs such as flowers, animals and popular characters!

During the class, you will also learn some pearls of wisdom from traditional Japanese cooking methods, such as how to color sushi rice.

Once the rolls are made, you can take photos of deco sushi roll creations and finally eat them together with miso soup!

The Deco Maki Sushi experience offers a variety of exciting sensations to enjoy: make the sushi, see the design come out, and discover how the taste changes depending on the design!

Try this unique experience and create special memories of your trip!

Senshu Towel: the birthplace of towels in Japan

Senshu Towel
Next is the local towel brand, Senshu Towel, which was born from a long history of textile manufacturing in Izumisano.

Did you know that Senshu Towel in Izumisano City were actually the first company to make towels in Japan?

The history of Senshu Towel goes back as far as 1888 in the Meiji period, when a textile weaving company began producing towels. Since then, the brand has grown over a span of more than 130 years to become one of the most recognized towel brands in Japan!

Towels loved by many throughout history…

Senshu towel
Senshu towels are both incredibly soft and absorbent. This is because of the unique manufacturing method used in which impurities and excess oil are washed away during the weaving process, resulting in a pure, superior towel.

In addition to simple plain towels, they also produce cute towel designs such as donut and kimono-shaped towels, and more.

Senshu Towels can be purchased at the Senshu Towel Museum which is directly connected to Rinku Town Station.
(*Also sold at various other locations)
We recommend getting a few towels of the same design for a matching set for you and your friends and family!

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Name of the facility
Tsubame Traditional House Workshop

1-17-4 Onishi, Izumisano-shi, Osaka




Nearest station
From Nankai/JR Izumisano Station West Exit, takes 8 minutes on foot
(* Pick-up is available upon request)

Regular holiday
Irregular holidays

Price from 4,000 yen