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Plum viewing at “5 famous plum tree spots” decorating Osaka’s early spring

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When it comes to spring the “cherry blossom” is famous but the “plum” which marks the visit of spring even before the cherry blooms, is also impressive as its colour, form and fragrance vary depending on the sort!
In addition the “plum” is thought to be a sign of good luck in Japan and even used for the word “Three Friends of Winter”!

How about experiencing spring a little early with the “plum” which decorates early spring?

This time, we introduce recommended “famous plum spots” in Osaka!

Recommended famous places of the plum

~Selected to the top 100 greenery in Osaka~
【Sennan City】 Kinyuji Temple

Plum grove of Kinyuji Temple
Source: Sennan City

The plum grove of Kinyuji Temple along with “Shindachi Shrine” located at Kinyuji Temple and selected to the Top 100 greenery in Osaka is the largest plum grove in the Senshu region.
In this plum bonsai garden there are around 2,000 plum trees cultivated and the sweeping view of the scenery from the small hill when the plum is in full blossom is outstanding and impressive!
The flesh of Kinyuji Temple’s high quality pickled dried plum is thick, its seeds are small and it is one of the local specialties of Sennan City.

Best viewing time of the year
Mid-February to mid-March

798 Shindachikinyuji, Sennan City

JR “Izumi-Sunagawa” Station or Nankai Main Line “Tarui” Station▶ take the Sennan City Community Bus (Sawayaka Bus around the mountain) to “Kinyuji”▶ walk 5 minutes.
(We recommend going from JR “Izumi-Sunagawa” Station) 【Bus timetable of Izumi-Sunagawa Station】
※The timetable is from November 2018.

Plum viewing is free of charge
Bus fee for adults 100 Yen

~Plum of various colours in full blossom~
【Sakai City Minami Ward】Kozen Park

Plum grove of Kozen Park
Source: Sakai City

In the plum grove of around 1,200 trees with 50 different kinds of white and beautiful pink coloured flowers vividly bloom and decorate the whole area.
As the plum blooms along the road you can view the beautiful plum grove from both sides.

Best viewing time of the year
Mid-February to the beginning of March

2-3 Miyayamadai, Minami Ward, Sakai City

Nankai Railway “Sakaihigashi” Station▶ take the Nankai bus bound for Izumigaoka Station from platform 10 of “Sakaihigashi-Ekimae” Station▶ directly at “Miyayamadai 2-chou”
※Most of the time there are two busses per hour.

Free of charge
Bus fee from Sakaihigashi-Ekimae to Miyayamadai 2-chou one-way 450 Yen

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Please check the latest information before your visit.

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