New Trend in Shinsek

New Trend in Shinsekai! “Shinsekai Crepe” in a Stylish Cafe

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“Tsutenkaku” is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Osaka.
Many Kushikatsu restaurants are in a row in this area around Tsutenkaku ,the area called “Shinsekai”. If you are looking for a Kushikatsu place, Shinsekai is definitely the place to visit. If you are visiting Shinsekai, Kushikatsu is something you cannot miss.The crowds for Kushikatsu restaurants in the weekends proofs the reputation of this area.

Although Shinsekai and Kushikatsu is something you cannot separate, not ONLY Kushikatsus are the food you should try in here.
Check out the sweet “crepes” in “CREAM KITCHEN Shinsekai”, a brand new shop opened in July 2018.

The Real Crepes by a Cake Shop

CREAMKITCHEN is managed by a cake shop and all the recipes for crepes are supervised by the professionals.
As a dessert after Kushikatsu? For your break time while sightseeing? This place is a perfect place for any time, any people and any occasions.

Choose your flavour between 13 choices. From the major flavours such as strawberries and choc-bananas to simple butter flavours are available. Do not forget to check the seasonal limited flavours.

Everybody can spend a pleasant and relaxing time inside this cozy shop with some elements of bal style interiors.

Not only to eat inside, but crepes are best foods to take out and eat outside while sightseeing.

≪Don’t Miss This≫Shinsekai Crepe

This crepe with two cookies topping of the Shinsekai symbols, “Tsutenkaku” and “Billiken-san”, is the original crepe menu in this CREAM KITCHEN:”Shinsekai Crepe”.
High brand echire butter is used for the dough. A rich textured creme brulee inside with caramelized surface stimulates your appetite with the pleasant roasted fragrance with mellow butter.

Many tourists takes a photo of this crepe with Billiken-san and Tsutenkaku cookies as a memory of visiting.
These cute crepes are also recommended for instagram photographers!

Vivid smoothies

Colourful lineups for the smoothies are here, such as matcha, hoji-cha tea, yogurt and fruits.
How about taking this smoothie with you for the sightseeing in Shinsekai?

What else more than crepes?

This cafe also provides light meals in addition to the crepes. Fulfilled sandwiches are perfect when you are feeling peckish.

Also visit this cafe as a bar! They serve you also some craft beer, whisky, wine, cocktails and various kinds of alcohols.
“Ate-sando”, sandwiches specially prepared to go with alcohol drinks are recommended.
The different face they show during the day time as a cafe and the night time as a bar makes this cafe attractive for many people, any time.

It is difficult to find a place to rest like this cafe in Shinsekai area. Let’s drop by this cafe if you are looking for any space for a break while your sightseeing nearby this area.
Delicious freshly baked crepes and staffs with beautiful smile will welcome you.

Unexpectedly close sightseeing spots
Recommended things to see around the shop</h3>

①The symbol of Naniwa【Tsutenkaku】

Tsutenkaku is of course the first thing you can think of in Shinsekai.
It’s an observation tower stands as a symbol of Naniwa.
One of the most popular sightseeing spot visited by over a million people every years.

②Hello to animals in the middle of the city【Tennoji Zoo】

Tennoji Zoo
This zoo located inside Tennoji park has the third longest history among all the zoos in Japan.
About 200 species, 1000 animals are bred.

③Beautiful Japanese Garden 【Keitakuen】

Beautiful trinity of “Pond, stones and plants”
Not only the beauty of it’s beautiful garden works,
over 200 species of trees are planted to attact people differently in each season- “cherry blossoms in spring” and “red maples in autumn”.

④The hot spring of the world【Spa World】

Spa World
24 hours open space for the beauty and health.
In each of two separated floors of the theme of European and Asian, various bathing style that represents the main countries can be enjoyed.

Name of the facility

2-1-22 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ward, Osaka-shi




Nearest station
■Shin-Imamiya Station (JR line, Nankai line, Hankai Tramway line)▶8 min. walk
■Ebisucho Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)▶8 min. walk
■Tennoji Station (Each line)▶15 min. walk

Business hours
11:00 - 22:00

Regular holiday
No Holidays

~1,000 yen