The Center of Osaka!

The Center of Osaka! You must find our shop when you visit America Mura!

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America Mura is the name of the district near west-Shinsaibashi bridge in Chuo-ku, Osaka and is sometimes referred to as “Ame-Mura”.
It has been regarded as a place for youth culture in Osaka for many years and there are approximately 2,500 shops.
The reason as to why this district was originally named “American village” is because in 1969 clothing began to be imported from west coast of the U.S and Hawaii and was sold by young people who converted warehouses into shops.

Long Softcream アメリカ村店


Whilst visiting America Mura, you should visit the “Long Softcream America Mura Shop.”

Long Softcream America Mura Shop is a soft ice cream shop, just as it sounds, but the shop is a normal ice cream shop. Surprisingly, at this shop, you can eat Japan’s longest soft ice cream!

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“Japan’s longest soft ice cream” is the recommended item on the menu.
What is this menu? This soft ice cream is truly the longest in Japan.
The soft ice cream is 40cm length (excluding the cone).

If you tilt it, the ice cream will fall as it is over 50cm in length so you may feel a little tense which you do not normally feel from eating an ice cream.
Although it is Japan’s longest soft ice cream, the price is inexpensive at only 300 yen!ソフトクリーム


You should go Long softcream American village shop, if you want to eat a delicious, unusual and reasonably priced ice cream.

Name of the facility
Long Softcream, American village shop

RE-011 105, 2-11-9 Nishi mind Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Shinsaibashi Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line, Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line)▶8 min. walk
■ Yotsubashi (Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line)▶5 min. walk

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