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Try Osaka’s famous beer, the Minoh beer!

Minoh Beer

There are various crafted beers all over the world with many kinds of taste and flavor that route to its land.

Today we will introduce you to one of Osaka’s famous crafted beer, Minoh beer!

Minoh beer has been made from 20 years ago and has been prized with many awards. It comes in 5 different flavors with some seasonal flavors sold occasionally. Recently, it was awarded the 【W-IPA】golden award in the International Brewing Awards2017 and is becoming recognized throughout the world.


(『W-IPA/Stout/Pale ale/Weizen/Pilsner』)

Minoh beer
Every Minoh beer is made under strictly controlled management and skill.

For visitors who are trying Minoh beer for the first time, our recommendation is Pilsner and Wizen. Pilsner is the most popular style of beer drunk in the world. It is popular for its refreshing scent of hop and its bitterness and richness in flavor.

Weizen is a fruity beer, that reminds us of bananas or cloves and is recommended for people who are not used to the bitterness of the beer.


Seasonal beer is also made at the Minoh beer store. Once you have tried all the main kinds of beer, how about trying something new?

One beer that is especially popular is the “peach weizen.” It is a beer with a rich peach taste using Japanese peach which is only sold during the summer and is recommended even to people who usually do not drink beer.

Another beer that is recommended here is the “yuzu citron beer,” made from yuzu citron from the local Minoh area.

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Name of the facility
Minoh Beer Co., Ltd.【WAREHOUSE】

3-14-18 Makiochi, Minoh-shi



Nearest station
Makiochi Station (Hankyu Minoh line )▶12 min. walk

Business hours
【Pub】11:00~21:00(Last Order 20:30)

Regular holiday