Tempozan Market Place


Enjoy buying, eating, and playing at “Tempozan Marketplace”

Adjacent to the world-largest-scale aquarium “Kaiyukan,” Tempozan Market Place is a shopping mall with a ferris wheel with the height of 112.5 meters.
This facility has dining area of restaurants and booths with Osaka dishes, as well as about 80 unique stores of fashion, accessory, and daily goods.
Also, there are Kids Land and Pet garden where children can enjoy playing with a slider, ball pool, and petting animals.
Many events and performances are held in the Market Place.

Large-scale shopping center with about 80 shops

Tempozan Marketplace is a shopping center with a ferris wheel which is 112.5 meters, located next to a large-scale aquarium Kaiyukan.
In addition to restaurants, there are many other shops which sell unique clothes, accessories, and commodities.

Affordable food court

In the mall, you can enjoy eating at the food court or at “Naniwa-kuishinbo-yokocho” which has restaurants like sushi, udon, and Osaka local restaurants.
You may feel difficult to decide what to eat ranging from the casual fast-food to Osaka local foods.

Osaka-style souvenirs

The mall has shops which sell Ninja goods, anime figures, and snack shops which sell snacks as cheap as 10 yen.
You can even experience making food samples from wax at the food sample shop.

Street performance

At the mall and the outside space, many events and performances are held.
About 35 performers are performing their tricks to the visitors.

Legoland and sea slug aquarium

In addition to these shops, there are many other attractions. Kids land with a large slider, pet garden where kids can interact with animals, an exhibition of sea slugs, and indoor Lego® attraction “Legoland® Discovery Center Osaka” are more than plenty for children to enjoy their visit to the mall.

Name of the facility
Tempozan Market Place

1-1-10, Kaigandori, Minato-ward, Osaka-shi


Nearest station
Osakako Station (Osaka Metro Chuo line)▶5 min. walk from exit 1

Nearest bus stop
■Right by "Tempozan Harbor Village" stop (Osaka city bus)
※Line 88 from Osaka station, Line 60 for "Tempozan" from Nanba station
■Right by "Kaiyukan (Tempozan)" stop (Nankai bus)
※Only available on weekends. (Available every day during the summertime.)
■Right by "Tempozan (Kaiyukan)" stop (Kansai International Airport limousine bus)

Business hours
Shopping 11:00-20:00
Food court 11:00-20:00
Restaurant 11:00-21:00
Naniwa Kuishinbou Yokochou (Osaka gourmet area) 11:00-20:00
Tempozan Anipa 11:00-19:30
MECHA Tempozan 10:00-23:00
Pharmacy 10:00-20:00
Convenient Store 8:00-22:00
Amusement 10:00-20:00

※Time varies depending on season and stores

Admission fee