Umeda Sky Building Observatory spot


Enjoy the immersive view from the 173-meter observation deck at ”Umeda Sky Building”

From this skyscraper with the high of 173 meters, visitors can enjoy the panorama view of Osaka.
From this tower, you can enjoy the beautiful 360-degrees view of Osaka.

The hanging escalator

The area which connects the two buildings is the observation deck.
There are two hanging escalators that connect with the circular-shaped deck.

Ascending towards the sky

You will ride the 360 degrees skeleton elevator until 35th floor, and use the clear-view escalator to ascend to the 39th floor.
You will feel excited when feeling yourself rising higher.

Enjoy the night scenery of Osaka

Unlike the view in the daytime, the nighttime scenery looks gorgeous with the shining town lights.
The changing views from the sinking sun behind the Rokkozan to the town lights in the night is never enough to get bored with the scenery.

Looking directly down the beautiful scenery

The height of the panoramic observation deck is the highest in Osaka.
You will be able to enjoy the wonderful view of Osaka while feeling the exhilarating breeze.

Enjoying the immersive view while feeling the wind

The observation deck “Sky Walk” allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery underneath while feeling the breeze.
In the nighttime, there will be “Lumi Sky Walk” which will light up the floor to make the atmosphere even more romantic.

Name of the facility
Umeda Sky Building Observatory spot

Umeda Sky Building 39&40F, 1-1, Oyodonaka, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Umeda Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line)▶9 min. walk from exit 5
■Osaka Station (JR line)▶7 min. walk from Central North exit
■Umeda Station (Hankyu line)▶9 min. walk from Chayamachiguchi exit

Business hours
9:30 am-10:30 pm
(Final entry at 10 pm. Hours may differ on special business days)

Regular holiday

Admission fee
Adult: 1,000 yen / Middle & High school student: 700 yen / Elementary school student: 500 yen / Infant (4 years old and older): 200 yen
※Entrance reception will be at the ticket counter on the 39th floor.