Misaki Park


Misaki Park has continued to entertain children for over half century, since 1957.
In the amusement park area, there are the Ferris wheel and roller coaster; and in zoo area, there is a petting zoo.
Visitors can enjoy swimming in the pool during the summer, and they can enjoy dolphin show at Shiny Stadium.
Restaurant and gift shops are also available.

Name of the facility
Misaki Park

3990 Tannowa, Misaki, Sennan-district



Nearest station
Misaki Koen Station (Nankai Main line)▶5 min. walk

Business hours
9:30 am- 5 pm
※May differ based on seasons

Regular holiday
Irregular holidays

Admission fee
■Enterance & Pool ticket set
Adult (Above middle school): 2,100 yen
Child (3 years old and above): 1,200 yen
■Enterance fee
Adult (Above middle school): 1,350 yen
Child (3 years old and above): 700 yen

※Pool ticket set is only available when pool is open