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Take a Quick Trip on the Retro Hankai Tramway in Sakai City

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Hankai Tramway: ride on the Ting Ting train, the only surviving tram in Osaka

Ting Ting train
The symbolic tramway in Sakai City, also known as the Ting Ting tram, is the last remaining tram or streetcar in Osaka Prefecture. It has been running for about 100 years, since the Meiji period, and is still used by the people of Osaka today.

The tram interior is designed in the style of the Meiji period, giving it a historic feel. The conductor’s cockpit looks almost toy-like to our eyes today, and you can’t help taking a picture.

Along the way from Tennoji Station to the Sakai city center there are many great spots to stop at for a quick detour.
The tram fare is also attractive, with a trip from Tennoji to Sakai only costing 230 yen. Why not go on a peaceful tram mini-break on the Hankai Tramway?


Let’s go see the first Osaka UNESCO site Nintoku Emperor Kofun

Nintoku Emperor Kofun

Sakai City is most famously associated with the mysterious ancient mounded tombs called Kofun.

The Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group was recently registered as Osaka’s first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in July 2019.
Among them, the Nintoku Emperor Kofun tomb is particularly famous, noted as one of the world’s three largest burial mounds along with Khufu’s Great Pyramid in Egypt and the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor Qin Shi Huang in China.

A variety of Kofun-inspired food and souvenirs are available in the neighborhood, so we also recommend this as a spot for window shopping and browsing for fun and interesting souvenirs and gifts.


Goryo Curry: eat an entire Kofun!?

Goryo Curry
Goryo Curry is a special dish inspired by the Nintoku Emperor Mausoleum, available at the Mielle cafe on the observation floor of Sakai City Hall.

The appetizing curry uses some spices but isn’t too hot, so it is also recommended for those who aren’t the best with spicy hot food.

The cafe is high up on the 21st floor, so you can enjoy a bowl of delicious curry while looking down at the burial mounds from the window.

Eating a bowl of Kofun-shaped Goryo Curry as you look over the ancient tombs, you will feel just like a giant!


Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!

Matcha Sanmai Set

Sakai City has a deep connection to the famous historical tea master Sen no Rikyū, and is renowned for its tea as well as old tombs.

So…here are our recommended tea-related treats.
For matcha lovers, the Matcha Sanmai Set (Everything with Matcha) is unbeatable! Cookies, ice cream and mochi rice cakes are all matcha flavor!
The sweets are all packed with matcha’s particular deep flavor and rich fragrance, but without its bitter aftertaste. They all have a soft and mellow texture and wonderfully rich taste.

The sweets are made with selected tea leaves which are excellent in taste, fragrance, and richness. They are so delicious that you will find them all gone before you know it.


How about a Rikyu Pudding souvenir?

Rikyū Pudding

Rikyū Pudding, named after Sen no Rikyū, is a well-known custard pudding sweet local to East Sakai. It comes in a variety of flavors, including limited-time seasonal flavors, all of which look delicious. Standing in front of the glass case, you won’t be able to decide which one to try.

Rich eggy custard is topped with beautifully bitter and sweet caramel sauce to create a dreamy custard pudding with a perfect balance of flavors! The puddings are creamy with a firm texture and are so delicious that you will never forget them once you try!


There is no doubt that Sakai City and the outskirts of Sakai City will be crowded in the future, including the “Hundred Bird / Furuichi Kofun Group”, which was registered as the first World Heritage Site in Osaka.
Why don’t you try to know the charm of the cocoon first?

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