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The souvenir you definitely want to buy in the “Nation’s Kitchen” (Osaka)

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What comes to mind when you hear “souvenirs” from Osaka?
Though the typical food of Osaka are takoyaki and okonomiyaki, these foods need to be hot so they cannot be souvenirs, and cookies and biscuits are sold in other places so they are not souvenirs unique to Osaka. We will introduce to you Osaka’s delicious and unique souvenir.


出典:堺 一心堂のフルーツ大福

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets. Ishindo is the traditional sweets shop in Osaka which specialises in Japanese sweets.

The shop is more than 30 years old.

Fruit daifuku (rice cake) is the perfect representative of traditional Japanese sweets. It is simple but has important qualities which is why fruit daifuku can be provided as a very delicious sweet. Also, as it is made from healthy materials, it is not only a delicious sweet but also healthy to eat.



Isshin’s most famous sweet is the strawberry daifuku.

A large strawberry is tucked inside two types of bean pastes; white or black. The white bean paste creates harmony with the texture and sweet, sour taste of the carefully selected strawberry.
The black bean paste is made from special beans called tanbadainagon and it is cooked slowly for a long time to condense the flavour. As a result, you can enjoy a different sweetness and flavour than presented with the white bean paste.




As well as the strawberry daifuku and year-round fruit daifuku, there are also seasonal fruits daifuku.

The fruits used are strawberry, watermelon, Japanese persimmon and pear in spring, summer, fall and winter respectively. It’s nice to taste the seasonal fruits daifuku.
Additionally, there are other seasonal sweets and other types of Japanese-style sweets as well.
Why not buy Japanese-style sweets as a souvenir of Osaka?

Name of the facility
Isshin-do head shop

19-7 Shobara-cho, Hioki, Sakai-shi



Nearest station
Hagihara Tenjin Station (Nankai Takano line)▶5 min. walk

Business hours

Regular holiday
Wednesday (open on national holidays on Wednesday, then closed on Thursday)