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Introduction of “Kuromon Ichiba” (Kuromon market) Osaka people really recommend it!

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The market is the center of Osaka, the so called “nation’s kitchen”, where you can find various ingredients. It is known by the locals as “food heaven” and is also very popular amongst foreign tourists. We will introduce to you the shops we highly recommend.


If you eat rare tuna from Oma, let’s go to “Maguro-ya Kurogin”



“Maguro-ya Kurogin” is the first recommendation. It is a restaurant where you can eat rare tuna from Oma in the form of sushi, bento or rice balls. It also has a takeaway option.

It’s very cheap!

There is a variety of dishes varying from less than 500 yen to 2,000 yen. The authentic 3 color tuna bowl is the one of the most popular dishes.
There is daily special menu as well.


If you eat fresh seafood, let’s go to “Kuromon Sanpei”


The next recommendation is “Kuromon Sanpei”.
It sells a variety of products such as miso soup, sashimi (sliced raw fish), sushi and donburi as well as plenty of other things.
You can eat what you buy in the “eat-in space” in the corner of the shop.

The shop is very popular because you can eat fresh seafood right after you get there.

If you eat Blowfish or Conger, let’s go to “Kuromon Fish Wholesalers Shinkou shop”

黒門魚問屋 深廣商店

出典:黒門魚問屋 深廣商店 (くろもんうおどんや) 

The last recommendation is Kuromon Fish Wholesalers Shinkou shop that sells various fresh fish such as Blowfish and Conger myriaster.

Choose your favourite sashimi and try a rice ball made with the fresh fish (+300 yen).
There is a space where you can eat fresh seafood right after you buy it.

The tora fugu (blowfish) with ponzu sauce hot-pot set is highly recommended in winter.

Kuromon Ichiba is the place where you can find real food.

Name of the facility
Kuromon Ichiba

2-4-1 nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka



Nearest station
Exit 10 of Nihonbashi station on Sennichimae subway line