Easy Cosplay! Transf

Easy Cosplay! Transform into anime characters at a photo studio!

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Japanese anime is a popular genre of entertainment around the globe. Have you ever wished you could transform into your favorite anime character?

Today, I would like to introduce a studio where you can do just that. Here, you can dress up as anime characters and take professional pictures.
Transform into popular characters in short amount of time! A great place to make memories during your travels in Japan.


Photo Studio “Four-M”

“Four-M” is a whole new kind of studio in Osaka Nipponbashi, where foreigners can easily dress-up as anime characters and try on traditional Japanese clothes.
If you want to save fun memories in physical form, this is the best place to go!


Cosplay is fun but takes a lot of time and money. “Four-M” has a whole collection of famous Japanese anime character costumes. Come with your friends, partners, or even family members to make exciting memories.

Don’t worry! There are staff members who will assist you in English / Chinese.


Four-M’s strength 
≪Variety and Quality of Costumes≫

Four-M has about 60 types of costumes, for characters from famous anime shows to niche genres.
You’ll be surprised to see how high-quality these costumes are. Choose your favorite character in the catalog, and you will see that the staff members have put in a lot of effort to make every costume as close to the original as possible. The accuracy is sure to get you excited!
The costumes come with props as well, so you can take pictures that look very realistic. Have fun acting out your favorite characters!

Matching the characters 
≪A wide variety of backgrounds≫

Cosplay isn’t just about the costumes. One of the best things about Four-M is that they have various backgrounds where you can shoot the photos.

There are 7 booths with different themed scenes, so you can choose the right background to match the story of your character. It is sure to add quality to your photo!

Take a picture alone, or with friends and family. Either way, this is sure to be a great opportunity to save your memories in photos.

≪Fun Plans≫

“Take Plan”  ¥3800 per person

If you’re new to cosplay, the “take” plan is the one for you. It is a short 30-45 minute course, so it is great for stopping by in between your travels.

“Matsu Plan”¥6000 per person

If you are a real cosplayer, try out the Matsu Plan! This one hour plan will give you time to change several times and take pictures in different consumes.


“Family Plan” ¥20000 per group

A great way to spend time with family. This is a 2 to 2 and a half hour course that the whole family can enjoy!


All of the plans are conducted by professional photographers. They will give you posing advice and take high-quality photos for you.
You can also choose some of your favorite shots to receive in data form.

What do you think?
Four-M is truly a great place to make authentic memories. They are open to reservations on the day-of as long as slots are open.
Make your Osaka trip a lasting memory!



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Name of the facility

Shiba Building 5F, 1-18-14 Nipponbashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Nippombashi Station (Each line)▶1 min. walk

Business hours
10:00 - 20:00