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Experience Traditional Culture in Osaka by Make your original “Washi” (Japanese paper) at this popular workshop

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In Japan, numerous traditional cultures are preserved and are existing up to today.
Many of those cultures can be easily found in our everyday lives, but those have been developed and polished by the professional craftsmen.
Washi,” meaning Japanese paper, can often be found in places like Japanese restaurants.
Washi is also one of the Japanese traditional cultures, being passed down from 1400 years ago.
At Osaka stationery Distribution Center in Higashi-osaka city, there is a place famous among foreigners where people can actually experience making washi.

The place is called Kamitowa, which was founded in 2017.
Today, we would like to introduce you to a course perfect for trying out the experience.

Popular washi-making experience
A course wherein visitors can feel the Japanese culture

Experiencing washi-making
Experiencing washi-making

The course will allow you to make a postcard with the ingredients of washi.
This workshop is popular among foreign tourists since you can not only make postcards with washi but also learn the history of washi as well.
The workshop is about 60 minutes long, so it is perfect to casually learn Japanese traditional culture during your stay in Osaka.

Learning the history of washi through video

Learning the history of washi

First, participants will watch a video about the history of washi.
From the video, participants can learn about the traditional culture which has been passed down until today.
Now, it’s time to make washi.
The instructor will neatly instruct you with the procedures.
There is no need for those who cannot speak Japanese since there is an instructor who can talk English!

Although this is not directly related to the workshop itself, there is a tatami room in the building where the workshop takes place.
Surprisingly, this tatami is also made of washi.
Please make sure to check it out when taking the course.
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Name of the facility

4-6-27 Nagatanaka, Higashiosaka-shi



Nearest station
Nagata Station (Osaka Metro Chuo Line)▶6 min. walk up North from exit 2

Business hours

Regular holiday
There may be additional holidays on national holidays and during New Years Holiday.