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Experience Japanese Traditional Craft “Glass Zaiku”

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In Osaka, there are many places to try Japanese traditional arts and crafts workshop.

Have you already tried anything?

Of course, experience itself becomes a good memory of your trip, but how about keeping those memories as a glass work?

Here, we’re going to introduce ‘Kinari Garasu’ at Kyobashi in Osaka !

Traditional Japanese Craft ‘Glass Zaiku’ workshop at Kinari glass!


Here, you can try a Japanese traditional glass craft “Glass zaiku (glass work)”.
How about keeping your glass work as your souvenir of trip in Japan?
In addition to glass art workshop, you can get “tombo-dama” glass work by professionals, and also equipments for glass art.
If you remember the order to make them, it’s possible to do your own work at your home.

※What is Tombodama?

Tombo-dama is a small glass ball with holes (like beads) and it is loved by Japanese for a long time in history as accessories. Only handmade ones are called Tombo-dama.

Most popular course <Tombo-dama Workshop> is recommended!


Among several workshop courses, today we’re going to introduce the most popular course <Tombo-dama workshop>!

In this workshop, you use burner to melt glass and shape them.

Don’t worry about using fires, but please read instructions carefully and follow what your instructor said.

Might be a bit nervous first, but you will start to get in used to it soon.

Instructors shows you examples, so professionally, so easily. However, when it’s once your turn to try it, you’ll surprise how difficult it is!
But don’t worry, you’ll start to know how to deal with them in short time. Apparently, it’s not impossible for beginners to make a perfect shape.

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Name of the facility
Kinari Garasu Kyobashi

2-2-36 Katamachi, Miyakojima-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Kyobashi Station (Each line)▶1 min. walk

Business hours
March~October 10:00 - 19:30
November~February 10:00 - 19:00
Sunday・Holiday(Through Year) 10:00 - 19:00

Regular holiday

Book from here⇩

・Maximum 4 people at one class
・One person is available