Even celebrities lov

Even celebrities love it! You should try a Japanese washlet once!

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Toilets with washlets are common in Japan, but almost entirely unknown in many other countries.
In Japan it is normal to have a warm toilet seat or a toilet with a water spray feature and a function to remove smells. But many foreign tourists are astonished by the existence of so called‘washlets’in Japan.
Even stars like Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio or Will Smith have already expressed their fascination with these Japanese toilets.

So, why have these‘washlets’become so popular in Japan?
To begin with, a major premise for this is that the Japanese water is extremely clean.
Surely, not in many other places in the world it is safe to drink the tap water wherever you go.
It is thought that one of the reasons why these washlets have become so widespread is that the Japanese are fond of cleanliness in general, which might also be connected to the quality of the water.

Another reason is the high degree of public safety in Japan.
Installing sophisticated public toilets becomes meaningless when they get stolen all the time. Robbery is very rare in Japan, so public institutions do not hesitate to install washlets with the latest technology at their facilities.

The newest washlets incorporate a water sterilisation system that automatically sterilises the tap water for the water spray.

The nozzle cleanses itself when not in use, which keeps the toilet clean at all times. This technology was developed by the Japanese toilet company TOTO.

Japans washlet technology says a lot about the appreciation of cleanliness in Japanese culture, inside and out.

What do you think about the Japanese washlets?

Below you can find some videos of foreigners in Japan seeing a washlet for the first time. You should definitely come to Japan to experience this for yourself!