How to pour sake 

How to pour sake – the polite way in which to pour sake.

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Sake is getting very popular even outside of Japan now.
We introduce the manners how to pour or how to get poured.

sake, how to pour
There are two points how to pour sake.
At first, you should pour sake from the opposite side of the mouth of Tokkuri (sake bottle). This is the rule only for pouring sake with Tokkuri. 
The dent of the circle is “En no kireme” in Japanese and it means the rift of relation.
sake, eight-tenth
Secondly the amount you pour sake is eight-tenths full at maximum.
If you fulfill the sake cup, it makes people hard to drink with the cup.
So pour sake by eight-tenths full of the sake cup like the image.
sake cup, how to get poured
Next let me explain how to get poured.
Hold the sake cup with both of your hands.
you can get poured with one hand if you are a senior.
You have to hold the cup when you get poured of sake. That is different from wine’s.
sake, how to drink
The way to drink sake
People normally taste sake and enjoy the fragrance of it with holding in the mouth. Don’t drain the cup at once.
Please follow the manners and enjoy tasty sake.