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What’s the difference of Japanese Sake and Shochu?

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Many travelers think Japanese Sake and Shochu are the same exact thing however that is a big mistake. They are as different as wine and whiskey. Let me tell you about the differences between Japanese Sake and Shochu.

Sake is divided into brewed liquor and spirits. Examples of brewed liquors are wine and beer and spirits are whiskey, vodka and brandy.
From this categorisation, Japanese Sake is brewed liquor, and Shochu is a spirit. Shochu is strong, so many may feel that Japanese Sake is easier to drink howeve Japanese Sake can easily get you hungover so be careful!

Do drink Japanese Sake, there are two ways in which to do so; hot or cold.
Hot Sake is great to drink in the winter to warm up your cold body. Also, pouring Sake in each other’s small cups is part of the fun.
There are Sakes with fruity flavourings for those who like sweeter liquor.

For Shochu, enjoy on the rocks or with hot water.
When drinking with hot water, pour the hot water first. My recommendation is to have hot water and Shochu in the ratio of 6:4.

Did this help you understand the differences?
Try out both at an Izakaya and taste which one’s your favourite!