Drinkable Tap Water!

Drinkable Tap Water!? The Quality of Water in Japan

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Have you ever drunk tap water directly?

Water condition is different depending on each country, but people cannot drink tap water directly in the most of the countries.

The safety of Japanese tap water is in highest level in the world. We researched the reason why the tap water in Japan is in such a high level.

river, water resources

Japanese water resource is very rich because Japan is an island surrounded by sea ans has many rivers and lakes all over the place. 
Japan is also the country has lots of nature such as mountains and woods where natural water springs and underground water exist. 
Japan is blessed by nature and that makes Japanese water clean and safe!

safe water

Tap water isn’t natural but the quality is high since the safety is managed tightly by waterworks bureau which gives 51 standards to maintain high quality of tap water. That’s why you can directly drink tap water.

safe water, dish

Such a safe water is used in many restaurant in Japan. 
There are many restaurants which is concerned with the use of water for cooking. the food in restaurant.
In such a restaurant offers delicious dishes used with clean and fresh water.
Enjoy tasty food and fresh water of Japan.