Eki-ben! Attractive

Eki-ben! Attractive lunch box in station!

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Eki-ben is the lunch box you can buy in stations in Japan.
There are some attractive points of Eki-ben we want to introduce here.

Eki-ben doesn’t mean just a lunch box, but it contains local food and special food from the area where the lunch box is sold.
You can eat the lunch box on the way in the train, so you can enjoy it while you are traveling for a long time.

It’s not just about the food inside.
You can enjoy creative lunch boxes.
The box can be a Shinkansen or sometimes a rice cooker. The lunch box is designed to fit the theme of the station.
People use the container after they eat the food inside and wash it home.

The biggest weakness of the lunch box is that it loses heat quickly. The taste of cold lunch can be disappointing in some cases. However, there is a lunch box that has overcome this weakness. 

This lunch box you see in the picture can be heated by pulling the string on it. So you can enjoy hot food.
There are many lunch boxes which can be heated in the same way. Give it a try.

How do you think about Eki-ben?
There are a variety of local lunch boxes in each station coming in all kinds of sizes and prices.
Eki-ben has a selection of very tasty local ingredients. Give it a try when you travel around Japan.