Perfect for Summer!

Perfect for Summer! 3 Coolest & Colorful Sweets in Osaka

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Not feeling like walking around hot humid outside? Then this is the best opportunity to try pleasantly cool sweets in Osaka!
Not only it tastes amazing and cools you down, but also has very pretty colorful appearances. Perfect for adding a big impact to your instagram timeline!

~Hello from Taiwan!~
Best Shaved Ice in the world “ICE MONSTER”

ICE MONSTER is the best shaved ice shop opened in Umeda, Osaka on 19th March 2016. They also got picked up as world best 10 sweets.

When the branch shop in Omote Sando(Tokyo) opened , line of more than 500 people appeared in front of the shop. Since then, it has often been on TV programs and medias as “The shop made longest line in 2015”.

◆What’s so special?◆

Ice blocks flavored fruits, coffee and tea etc. nicely shaved thin and neat, creates an unique appearance looking like a mountain of folded silk.

Different from conventional kakigori, you can feel the contrast of thick concentrated taste and light texture melts on your tongue like snow powder at the same time. Gives you unforgettable experience of summer taste.

Not only it’s physical size, but also the impact of appearance is huge! Don’t forget to take photo of them.

There are wide range of taste choices: Tapioca milk tea, coffee, mango, strawberry etc…

In addition, there are several choices of seasonal flavors and Japan limited flavors.

◆Shop Informations◆

住所Grand Front Osaka Shops&Restaurants South build. 7F, 4-20 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi
アクセスJR Osaka Station 1 minute walk
Hankyu Umeda Station 3 minutes walk
Hanshin Umeda Station 5 minutes walk
Osaka Metro Umeda Station 3 minutes walk
営業時間11:00~23:00 (22:00 L.O.)

Tallest Softcream in Japan “Long Softcream in America mura”

Source:Twitter プロのソフトクリーマー森川

As it says on Shop sign, it’s a soft-cream shop, but they make very exceptional ones.
What is exceptional?-They make the tallest soft-cream in Japan!
Since it has got picked up by many medias, it is becoming popular more and more.
Without corns they are 40cm tall, and in total surprisingly over 50 cm!
In addition, they are in super reasonable price, 300 yen per soft-cream!


This cold, tasty, and also so photogenic softcream will save you from this hot summer climate!

In addition, don’t forget to take a photo with ‘ pinky’, a pink giraffe drawn on the wall of this shop.



住所2-11-9 RE-011 105, Nishi shinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi
アクセス8 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Shinsaibashi Station
6 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Station

Cutest Panda sweets at “Osaka Panda”

Have you ever be surrounded by cute sweet pandas?
This shop master is a big fan of panda. Since then, the shop is full of them, from menu to the shop interior!
Special recommended menu is a ice-cream float drink with panda face.
“The cute face is everything needed for panda sweets” the master says.

Also don’t miss the photo spot where you can be also a panda in front of a ‘Magic mirror’. No worries to get bored while in line.

The shop is located inside a gallery where you can enjoy Japanese nostalgic atmosphere. It is near the city center such as ‘Namba’ and ‘Tennoji’. Take your panda drink with you to walk around!

‘Namba Parks Garden’, which is 6 minutes walk from Osaka Panda is perfect to chill out in the shade. It’s a garden on roof of a building, but the beauty of nature is very well reproduced.

住所Nihonbashi Shotenkainai, 4-13-15 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ward, Osaka-shi
アクセス10 minutes walk from Nankai railway Namba Station
5 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line Ebisucho Station 1B Exit
営業時間Please check online HP since opening hour depends on days