Golden week in Osaka

Golden week in Osaka: four recommended seasonal spots

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Have you decided your schedule for Golden Week yet?
In Japan, the big consecutive holidays in early May are called “Golden Week.”
For this holiday, there are many things to enjoy such as amusement parks, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, sightseeing tours, shopping and binge eating!
There is a saying in Japan, “you forget things you only hear, but you remember things you see, and you understand things you experience.” We will introduce to you recommended spots in Osaka where everyone from children to adults can experience a great time.

The first is Harvest Hill (Sakai City).
It is an agricultural park in Sakai where you can experience beautiful nature with flowers, trees, and animals.
You can experience a variety of things in the huge park.
The contents of the park can be roughly divided into five.
・Craft art experience where you can make original leather goods, music boxes, tea bowls, tea cups using an electric wheel and mug painting.
・Food experience where you can make sausages (only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays) and bread & butter, etc.
・Field experience where you can bake pizza by stone kiln (only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays) and outdoor curry (only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays), or you can experience horse riding, cow milking, and animals such as sheep, goat, and llama.
In addition to these experiences, you can also play grass sliding and go-karting, or have a buffet where you can eat as much as you want from food such as meat, vegetable, rice, curry, soup, kimchi, homemade bread, and desserts, etc.

Instant Noodle Invention Memorial Hall (Ikeda-shi)
The entrance is free. In this facility, anyone from adults to children can learn and have fun in Ikeda.
At “My Cup Noodle Factory” on the first floor, you can make an original cup noodle.
Choose one taste from four different soups and four toppings out of twelve different ingredients available to combine. The number of combinations is 5,460.
Open Hours: 9: 30 – 16: 00
1 meal 300 yen (tax included)
At “Chicken Ramen Factory” on the second floor, you can handmake chicken noodles.
You will get original Chicken Ramen that you make by kneading flour, stewing, steaming and then drying.
Open Hours: 9: 30 – 16: 00
Older than Junior high school student: 500 yen Elementary school student: 300 yen (tax included)
In addition, you can learn the secret history of Ando Momofuku who invented the instant noodle and changed the world’s food culture. There are secret cup noodles called “Wisdom Crystal” with animation, CG, and photographs on a big screen. There is also a cup noodle drama theater. At this facility you can learn about the important inventions and discoveries.

An izakaya where you can eat fresh fish, “Fishing Boat Teahouse Zao Namba Main Store.”
You can even fish there since there is a fishing pond in the shop.
You can borrow a free rental fishing rod and buy fishing bait (100 yen – 200 yen).
You can eat the fish you catch there yourself.
Please ask for advice from the store staff if you cannot catch any fish or if there is a fish you specifically want to fish.
There is a seat on the ship where you can have food in the middle of the fish pond. There are so many ways to enjoy fishing here!
At lunchtime on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there is a sushi class held for children. (2,500 yen tax excluded / a person)
You can have a lot of fun with your children making sushi or by fishing and eating delicious food.

Design pocket (Namba)
An attraction in Namba where you can make your food sample.
Food samples were invented as a food promotion tool for shops and restaurants in Japan and now are widely accepted as souvenirs, art objects and toys for tourists.
At the shop, you can make sweets, vegetables, sushi(up to 2 pieces) and more out of a vinyl chloride material, which is what professionals use too.
2,160 yen – 2,980 yen per a person (tax included)
Enjoy a nice experience making your food sample just like a professional craftsman.

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