Karaoke is an amusem

Karaoke is an amusement place!? What actually is Karaoke born in Japan?

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Karaoke is indispensable as an entertainment center in Japan.
Since karaoke is the place where people can gather and make merry, it is also the place where people relieve their stress.
In recent years, karaoke gets popular overseas as well. Many foreign people visit karaoke when they are traveling Japan.
We’d like to introduce what karaoke is in Japan.

Karaoke was born in Japan in the 1970s.
The origin of karaoke is combined words of “orchestra” with “kara”(space in Japanese).
In other words, it means an orchestra space without songs, so it isn’t for live performance.

The reason why karaoke gets popular in Japan is that you can sing a song without worrying about surroundings in a private room.
We cannot sing so loudly outside.
But In karaoke, you don’t have to care about such a thing.You can actually sing free from the care of the public in a private room that is sound proof.

There are amusement items and drink and food services available. It has party rooms, Western style rooms and Japanese style rooms for guests. You can choose the type of karaoke room.
Moreover, you can stay there for a long time at a price like between 1000 yen and 2000 yen although it depends on the menu and services.

Japanese karaoke has a strength in having many types of rooms to fit from small group to big group of people.
Besides, many people sing in karaoke by themselves. It’s called ” Hito Kara”(alone karaoke).
The point of “Hito Kara” is that you can sing as many songs as you like. There is no waiting time for your next song. Some people practice singing and make a record.
People who like singing a lot does “Hito Kara.”

You can enjoy karaoke as a group and also enjoy singing only for yourself without caring about people’s eyes. The way to use Karaoke depends on each person.

Karaoke is everywhere in Japan.
The numbers of songs are increasing. So you can find songs you want to sing. Why don’t you go for your karaoke experience once when you visit Japan?