【 For Tourists 】The

【 For Tourists 】The useful IC card you can use everywhere in Japan.

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It is really useful to make the IC card can be used for train, convenience store and even vending machine.
We introduce the three points of the IC card, Suica.



The first point is;
To make no-name required Suica, not name required Suica.
Because it isn’t required to put your information for no-named required Suica.
So you don’t have to spare your time to make the card.


Suica 共有

The second point is;
Everyone can use the IC card once you make. You can share the no-name required card with your family and your friends but not name required card.
This is a god point for tourists traveling around Japan.

Suica ポイント

The third point is;
The money you charge on the IC card cannot be payed back if you lose Suica.
No-name required card has no guarantee, so you cannot get it back once you drop it.
We recommend getting name required Suica for lond-term travelers.


電車 Suica

How do you think about Suica?
It can be troublesome to buy train ticket every time you go for train with checking the fee of each step. Make your staying in Japan more comfortable.