Are you able to wors

Are you able to worship at the shrine properly?

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Are you able to worship at the shrine properly? Even many Japanese people make mistakes too.

When going to a shrine, there are particular ways to worship. To experience Japanese tradition, it is very important to worship correctly.

1. Before going though the Torii gate, you must straighten your clothes, and lightly bow.
The other side of the Torii gate is god’s space so the worship starts from the Torii gate.

2. When walking towards the shrine, walk on the side of the road.
The center of the road is known for the gods to go through, and by walking on the side, you are able to calm yourself.

3. Wash your hands at the Chozuya to clean yourself and mind.
This will clear away dirt from the secular world.

4. Lightly bow and throw money into an offertory box, ring the bell, bow 2 times, clap your hands 2 times and bow once more.
All of the actions have a meaning.

5. When evacuating, walk on the side of the road like you did when you entered and bow before exiting the Torii gate.

Check the video below to watch how it’s done and have fun visiting shrines!