Things you want to k

Things you want to know before going to an Onsen or Sento (Hot Spring)

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Sento is loved by many people since the olden times. It is a great experience when you are in Japan however, here are things you want to know about to stay out of trouble.

1. Get ready
・2 towels (one to wash your body & one to wipe your body)
・Shampoo / Conditioner / Face Wash

Some have rental towels and shampoo, so you may want to call first to check if they do.
(Some are free but some are charged)

2. Reception – Getting ready to take a bath
Pay your money at the reception and take off your clothes in the dressing room.
Bring a towel to wash your body and shampoo.
Wash your head and body before you get in the bath to clean yourself. This is a manner you must do since everyone is sharing the bath.
After you are clean, take some bath water and pour it over your body, for your body to get used to the temperature.
(Be careful you don’t splash people around you!)

3. Let’s get in!
It’s not a pool so slowly get in.

Have your hair out of the water by tying it up and keep your towels on the ledge. When getting out, pour bath water as you did when getting in. The reason for this is to clean yourself.

Have fun by keeping the rules of Sento and Onsen. Don’t forget to drink glass bottled milk or coffee! It’s so delicious!