Why are Japanese tra

Why are Japanese trains almost never delayed?

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Trains – one of the most essential means of transportation in Japan.

There are many different kinds of train systems, but among the most well-known should be named JR, along with other private and public railway systems ranging from big to small ones.

The rail systems make an absolutely indispensable mean of transport for commute to work and school and almost all of Japanese use the service of train companies.
Surely, it works the same in other countries. But what surprise foreigners in Japan is that “Japanese trains run on time”.

For Japanese the fact that trains come on time, and train schedule is always accurate, comes as a natural thing, while surprises foreigners.

The reason for this is in the situation with train system outside Japan.
If we take a look at the train systems in every country, we will find out that “there is no country in the world, where trains are so punctual as in Japan”. There many countries where delays are a usual thing. They even say, that there are countries where train timetables simply do not exist. Because if this the punctuality of Japanese trains come as surprise for foreigners.

Japanese trains are indeed very punctual. However, trains are often delayed due to whether conditions and human factors. In case a train is delayed for any reason for more than 5 minutes, the railway company provides delay certificates, however there is no such practice outside Japan, since delays are common.

Perhaps the reason for punctuality of Japanese trains lies with Japanese national character. Because there are a lot of Japanese who are very strict in terms of time-managing and consider being not punctual unappropriated, they pay close attention to train delays.

Such features of the national character are revealed in means of transportation, which means we can learn a lot about other Japanese traits on different occasions.

Punctuality of Japanese trains is on top level in the world.
Please, don’t miss a chance to try Japanese trains and get to many interesting places in Japan.