Why do Japanese peop

Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? Japanese culture is the key!

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For non-japanese people it’s pretty unusual to see all those surgical masks in Japan.

Lets try to understand exactly why so many Japanese are wearing masks.

One of the biggest reasons for this has something to do with the Japanese sense of consideration for others and politeness.

Many Japanese put on a mask to prevent infecting others when they are having a cold.
There are also a lot of companys who even require their employees to put on masks. In Japanese society it is very common for everyone to take great care of not infecting others with their illness.

The awareness for that seems to be much higher in Japan than in other countries.

More and more Japanese also started putting on masks for other reasons. Some women use them to hide their face when they haven’t put on make-up. Others use them to avoid spitting while talking.

What all these reasons have in common is the thoughtfulness and consideration for others. Some say that this is one of the special characteristics of the Japanese people.

Through this ‘mask culture’ one can see the Japanese custom of living your life day to day while always taking care of others.

If you’re in a train and suddenly start coughing, it makes others feel uncomfortable. So why not try and do it like they do in Japan? Show your consideration and wear a mask.