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3 Recommendations for a New Year Sunrise 2018 Osaka

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2018 New Year Sunrise at Kuchu-Teien (Floating Garden) Observatory

View the first sunrise of the year from the Umeda Sky Building Kuchu-Teien (Floating Garden) Observatory! 
A breathtaking vantage point where you can view the sunrise from the open-air 360-degree observatory ‘Sky Walk’ at a height of 173m above ground level.

PLACEUmeda Sky Building Kuchu-Teien (Floating Garden) Observatory
〒531-6039 40F/Rooftop, Umeda Sky Bldg., 1-1, Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka City
SCHEDULEJan 1 (Mon/national holiday), 2018 5:00-22:30
* Sunrise will be about 7:05
FEE[Kuchu-Teien (Floating Garden) Observatory admission]
Adult: 1,000 yen 
Junior high school student: 700 yen 
Elementary school student: 500 yen
Senior (65 years old or over): 800 yen
Preschooler (4 years old or over): 200 yen
INQUIRIESName : Umeda Sky Building Kuchu-Teien (Floating Garden) 
TEL : 06-6440-3855


New Year Sunrise at Mt. Kongo

A spot to observe the divine New Year’s sunrise where the sunlight shines through between the mountains in a natural setting. Pay homage to the beautiful scenery, a fitting start to the New Year.

PLACEChihaya Enchi Park Log House Rest House/Mt. Kongo Ropeway
〒585-0051 9, Chihaya, Oaza, Chihaya Akasaka-mura, Minamikawachi-gun
SCHEDULEJan 1 (Mon), 2018 5:00-
FEE[Mt. Kongo Ropeway]
One way 750 yen
Round trip 1,420 yen
One way 390 yen
Round trip 700 yen
INQUIRIESName : Mt. Kongo Ropeway 
TEL : 0721-74-0210


Ritual of holy water, New Year’s Day celebration

During hatsumode (first visit to a shrine on New Year), Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the most visited shrines in the country. More than 2 million visitors fill the temple over the first few days of the New Year. 
In this ritual, holy water is drawn by the hands of the priest and dedicated to each main shrine. The holy water is believed to banish evil spirits and rejuvenate the self. 
You can experience a festive atmosphere with food stands and many people lining up for a prayer at the main hall, purchasing lucky charms for a fortunate new year and disposing their lucky charms of the past year.

PLACESumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
〒558-0045 2-9-89, Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City
SCHEDULEJanuary 1 (Mon), 2018
■Ritual of holy water: 5:00-
■New Year’s Day Celebration: Sunrise-
FEEAdmission free
INQUIRIESName : Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
TEL : 06-6672-0753