Chausuyama: A histor

Chausuyama: A historical spot relating to samurai Sanada Yukimura

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“Chausuyama” is one of Osaka’s well-known hills, and is located at the Northeast of  Tennoji Park.
This mountain is actually a historical place relating to a famous samurai.

The samurai is Sanada Yukimura, who nearly succeeded in cornering the great Ieyasu Tokugawa. Chausuyama is where he kept his troop headquarters during that very war. It is a must-see spot for samurai nerds.

Take a time-traveling journey at the very place where samurais fought for power.


Climb the mountain and you will see…
«Sanada’s quotes and military plan sheets»

Sanada Yukimura's famous quotes

The garden roads have been built for convenience over the years. Walk up the hill and you will see explanations of Sanada’s life, and some of his famous quotes. You can even find some military plans he drew for the wars he fought.

Chausuyama is only 26m high, so it is perfect for a quick stroll.


The best place to take pictures in the historical spot is…

Introducing some of the best photo spots in Chausuyama!

Wakebashi bridge with Tsutenkaku in the background

Go to Kawazoko Lake at the bottom of Chausuyama hill and you will find a beautiful red bridge called Wakebashi. Go to the spot on the map and you can shoot a great picture of the bridge with Tsutenkaku in the background!

Wakebashi and Tsutenkaku
You are sure to capture a relaxing and magnificent picture!

We asked the Tennoji garden office for two more great picture spots!
The best photo spot!

The forests around both of these spots are maintained so visitors can have a clear view of Abenobashi Terminal Building and Tsutenkaku.
Try looking for the photo spots when you visit! (There are signs to help you).

Chausuyama hill is a great place to learn about, see, and record the beautiful scenery of Osaka♪

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Name of the facility

(Inside Tennoji Park) 1-108 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Tennoji Station (All lines)▶5 min. walk