Five best castles in

Five best castles in Osaka. Did you know these hidden sightseeing spots?

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Needless to say, “Osaka Castle” is the most popular castle in Osaka, one of the sightseeing spots you cannot miss.
Actually, several other castles in Osaka is not known by many people but can be an interesting hidden sightseeing spots.
We are going to introduce you 5 best castles in Osaka!

Osaka Castle -Chuo Ward-

No need to say, Osaka’s symbolic castle “Osaka Castle”.
This castle was used by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a Japanese warrior, to conquer Japan in the 16th century. In the castle, there are historical exhibitions of the Sengoku-era, as well as a diorama of Hideyoshi’s lifetime, allowing the visitors to learn about the history from multiple aspects.In the Osaka castle park, there are many things to see, including multiple buildings registered as Important Cultural Properties.

●8F Observatory spot
Visitors can enjoy the view of Osaka castle and the city of Osaka from the height of 50 meters. The spot can be seen in a wheelchair as well.
-Stereoscope “Naniwa view”
-Museum store

●7F Lifetime of Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Introduces the history of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and his career of conquering Japan.
-History of Hideyoshi Toyotomi
-Historical facts about Hideyoshi Toyotomi

●5F The history about the Battle of Osaka
Introduces the Battle of Osaka using videos and miniature models.
-Miniature battle
-Panorama vision

●4F Hideyoshi Toyotomi and his era
Displays historical objects relating to Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Osaka castle.
-Display of historical objects

●3F Hideyoshi Toyotomi and his era
Displays historical objects relating to Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Osaka castle.
-Display of historical objects
-Replica of the “Golden tearoom”
-Miniature model of Osaka castle during Toyotomi’s Era
-Miniature model of Osaka castle during Tokugawa’s Era

●2F Castle exhibition
Exhibits basic information about Osaka castle and Japanese castles.
-Panel exhibitions
-Replica exhibitions

●1F Entrance of the main tower
Introduces the career of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
-Theater room
-Museum shop

Name of the facility
Osaka Castle Central Tower

1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka

Phone number

Nearest station
【Osaka Metro】
-(Tanimachi line) Tanimachi Yonchome Station, exit 1-B / Temmabashi station, exit 3
-(Chuo line) Tanimachi Yonchome Station, exit 9 / Morinomiya station, exit 1 & exit 3-B
-(Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line) Morinomiya station, exit 3-B / Osaka Business Park station, exit 1
【JR line】
-(Osaka Kanjo line) Morinomiya station / Osakajokoen station
-(Tozai line) Osakajo-kitazume station
【Keihan line】
-(Keihan line) Temmabashi station

Nearest bus stop
【City bus】
-[Route 62] Osakajootemae / Banbacho
【Aqua bus】
-Osakajo Minato / Hachikenya beach dock

Opening time
9 AM-5 PM (Entrance closes at 4:30 PM)
※Entrance hours extends during the cherry blossom season, Golden week, and summer break.

New Year’s Holiday (12/28-1/1)

Adult: 600 yen
Middle school students and younger: Free
(Middle school students are required to show their ID)

Kishiwada Castle -Kishiwada city-

A photo of Kishiwada castle

This is a castle in Kishiwada city.
It is located on the top of the Ibuseyama mountain, and the Kishiki shrine inside is known as a shrine worships the god of marriage.
This place becomes a popular as a picnic spot during the cherry blossom season and has designated as one of Osaka top 100 green sceneries.
“Hachijin-no-niwa Garden”, the dry garden designed in 1953 by a famous gardener Shigemori Mirei, is located right next to the castle.
This is a perfect spot to enjoy the deep part of Osaka.
Nowadays this place has been a popular sightseeing spot as a venue for events and weddings.

Name of the facility
Kishiwada Castle

9-1 Kishigi-cho, Kishiwada city

Phone number

Opening time
10AM~5PM(Entrance closes at 4PM)
※During “Oshiro-Matsuri festival season)(2018 April 1st~8th)Opens until 8:30 PM(Entrance closes at 8PM)

Mondays(Except when Monday is a national holiday, or during the Oshiro-matsuri period (1st~15th April))
New Year’s period(29th Dec~ 3rd Jan)
Exhibition changing(temporary closing days)

[The castle tower]
Adults 300Yen
Below Middle school students Free

Group Discounts
30% Off for a group over 25 people

3 Combo TIckets
Adults 700 yen
Kishiwada Castle, Kishiwada Danjiri Hall, Kishiwada Nature Museum(Kishiwada Shizen Shiryokan)

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