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You can have your prayers answered? A Power Spot in Osaka.

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When you hear about Japanese shrines, Kyoto is most often the city that comes to mind, however, there are also many famous shrines in Osaka. Osaka’s most famous shrine is known as “The Power-Spot Shrine.”



The Sumiyoshi Taisha (Sumiyoshi Shrine) is known as a power spot in Osaka and it is the head Shrine of all 2,300 Sumiyoshi Shrines in Japan. The huge shrine is located in the middle of Osaka containing multiple ‘power spots.’ Sumiyoshi is one of the most popular shrines in Japan, having over 2 million worshippers in the first three days of the new year.


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Amongst the power spots in Sumiyoshi shrine, we recommend “Godairiki-san” the most. Godairiki-san means the “Five Buddhist Kings”: Fudo-King, Daiitoku-King, Gundari-King, Gozanze-King, and Kongoyasha-King. These kings represent the five “human powers” – physical ability, intelligence, finance, happiness, and wellbeing.
To receive prayers, you must search for three small stones from the ground. It is said that if you can collect three special stones with the characters “五,” “大” and “力” (reading “Go,” “Dai” and “Riki” respectively), they will be your charm, and your prayers will be answered.



Since it can take a long time to find the three small stones, they will have a special meaning for you.
When you collect them all, you can buy a pouch for the charms for 300 yen so that you can attach it to your bag or use it when decorating your room.




Sumiyoshi Shrine: The power spot where dreams can come true.
Why don’t you visit Sumiyoshi Shrine when you come to Osaka?

Name of the facility
Sumiyoshi Taisha ( Suniyoshi Shrine)

2-9-89 Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ward, Osaka-shi


Nearest station
■Sumiyoshi Taisha Station (Nankai Main line)▶3 min. walk
■Sumiyoshihigashi Station (Nankai Koya line)▶13 min. walk
■Sumiyoshitorii-Mae Station (Hankai Railway Hankai line)▶2 min. walk

Business hours
■Gate opening hour【April-September】6:00【October-March】6:30 (on the 1st day of each month, it closes at 6:00 am)
■Gate closing hour【Outer gate】pm 4:00 【Inner gate】pm 5:00