Duck Tour: Enjoy Osa

Duck Tour: Enjoy Osaka on an amphibious bus adventure!

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Do you want to see Osaka from a new angle? Do you want to see familiar scenes turn into something completely different?

Today I would like to introduce “Duck Tour,” a unique tour that will take you around Osaka with a whole new twist.

What is the Duck Tour!?

Picture of amphibious bus①
Picure of amphibious bus②

“Duck Tour” is a tour where you can cruise on both land and water on an amphibious bus.


The bus itself is uniquely designed, stretching to the length of 3.7m. It adds excitement to your exploration around Osaka.
There are no windows on the bus, so you can feel the wind on your face as the colorful bus swifts past people stopping in awe (will all that attention, you will feel like a movie star!)

People on the streets may stop to wave their hand, and sometimes even say hello.

The only tour where you can enjoy the Osaka scene both on land and water!

 Introducing why Duck Tour is so fun

【The best of Duck Tour】

  • Enjoy tourism from a completely different angle
  • The exciting “Splash Line”
  • Enjoy the four seasons of Osaka
  • Funny guides introducing you to Osaka

Enjoy tourism from a completely different angle

The biggest difference between this tour and tours on foot/cars…is the height.
On land, you can look over the city at 3.7m above ground. Looking at the city from a higher point will widen your view and is sure to give you a very new kind of excitement.
On water after dark, you can enjoy the city lights magically lighting up the night.
In the spring, enjoy the line of cherry blossoms at Minami-Temma Park, the turning point of the water tour.


~The exciting “Splash Line”~

Splash Line

“Splash Line” is the most exciting point in the tour, when the bus drives straight into the water from land.
The bus splashing into the water is a thrilling but exciting experience.
It is close but different from an amusement park ride. You are sure to cry out in excitement!
Seeing the city in the splashing water is sure to be a refreshing experience, both literally and figuratively♪


The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

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Name of the facility
Osaka Duck Tour

1-2 Kitahamahigashi, Cyuo-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Tenmanbashi Station (Keihan line, Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)▶2 min. walk
*Walk out of exit 11, turn left and walk for about 100m. The reception is in the underground of the building with a triangular roof.

Business hours
9:30am~6:00pm(*Depends on season)

Depends on season: contact or check HP for details