Just like being in t

Just like being in the sky! Kuchu-Teien Observatory near Osaka Station

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Have you ever imagined what the view of Osaka from the top of a building looks like? There are many high-rise buildings in Osaka but normally you aren’t able to have a wide range of the view from such a high-rise building and if you want a nice view from high skyscrapers, it can cost a lot, so we will introduce to you an inexpensive spot where you can see lovely views over Osaka.




Kuchu Teien Observatory is a lovely place to see the view of Osaka near Osaka Station.

Kuchu Teien Observatory is on the roof of the Umeda sky building. The building is famous for its dynamic and unique form and became a popular landmark in 2008 after the English newspaper “The Times” introduced it as one of the “Top 20” in a list of buildings throughout the world.



This is the views of the sky from the observatory. You can have a 360-degree view over Osaka.
With the passing of time, the view of the sky and the landscape changes.
You can see the Yodo River, mountains and clouds in the sky. In the evening, you can overlook the sunset over the Rokko mountains in summer and the Kii channel from the West side of the observatory.
The beauty of the scenery has been chosen as one of the most beautiful ‘sunset of Japan.’ You can see a gorgeous nighttime view from the South side such as of the shining neon lights of buildings and lampposts throughout the city. The spectacular night view has also been selected as a “Top 100 Night View.”



In the aerial garden, various events are held depending on the season.

Visiting the hotel is not only good for visiting the events but also enjoying the views of the garden.

The fee fits within 1,000 yen, making it much more affordable, so why not take a look at the lovely views of Osaka?

Name of the facility
Kuchu-Teien Observatory

1-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Osaka Station (JR line)▶12 min. walk
■Umeda Station (Hankyu line, Hanshin line, Osaka metro Midosuji line)▶13 min. walk
■Higashiumeda Station (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)▶16 min. walk
■Nishiumeda Station (Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line)▶13 min. walk
■Nakatsu Station (Hankyu line)▶8 min. walk

Business hours

Adults: 1,000 yen Junior high school students: 700 yen Elementary school students: 500 yen Preschoolers: 200 yen Senior: 800 yen