Enjoy the first-ever

Enjoy the first-ever experience riding the golden Jeep down the road of Osaka!

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The famous tourist spot, Osaka.
There may be people who have already visited this place multiple times. And feeling like discovering some niche places or activities in Osaka.

Today’s activity is especially recommended for those who want to experience a different experience in Osaka!
We are going to introduce you “First Vision Osaka” which is known to provide the tourists with a new experience♪

The experience allows you to sightsee Osaka by riding a golden Jeep (Next cruiser)!

What is a golden Jeep (Next cruiser)?

First Vision Osaka
Golden mini Jeep (Next cruiser) is a motorized vehicle registered as a mini-car. (49cc)

Compared to an average mini-car, the height of the vehicle is higher. Therefore it is safer to drive on normal roads as well.

An unique, first-ever experience in Japan

Driving on the road
Golden mini jeeps in Osaka America city

The experience of running the road with Next cruiser is a first-ever experience in the world.

In countries abroad, it is possible to ride Next cruisers.
However, many of those countries only allow the vehicle to be ridden within private property.
In Japan, where the transportation system is well maintained, it is allowed to ride Next cruisers on public roads and to experience the extraordinary view and the ride.
The group that is providing such amazing experience is the First Vision Osaka.

Experience sightseeing with the golden Jeep!

Photogenic spot
Next cruiser
Next cruiser with lights on

The exciting point about this tour is that you can enjoy Osaka from a different view, as well as feeling like being a star.
The First Vision original golden-wrapped mini Jeep is definitely going to draw attention while driving!
Being taken pictures while waiting for the traffic to become green and being waved by people passing by will make you feel like you are actually a star.

In addition to riding the car on roads, you can enjoy activities in each stop.
Taking pictures in photogenic places and seeing the famous sightseeing places from a different angle is definitely entertaining.

Isn’t it difficult to drive?

Some may feel concerned about driving, but it’s actually quite easy.
The staff will inform you with the driving before departure, and there will also be staffs driving along with the tourists.

The course which I had taken during this interview was,

  1. Depart the store (Right near the Osaka Metro Daikokucho Station)
  2. Photoshoot at Imamiya Ebisu Shrine
  3. Drive through Sakaisuji and Europe street♪
  4. Enjoying the view of America-mura

※The course may vary.

The course was mainly involving turning left to make driving easier on the road. Also, the staff driving in the front of the line was adjusting his pace to the others, so the tourists can enjoy the view while driving.

Staffs take photos at each stop, so it is a great experience to make some memories in Osaka!

The go-cart-like experience will allow you to feel the engine’s sound and the blowing wind, and it will definitely make you excited.
Since the car is small, it will actually feel like you are driving faster than the actual speed.
You will certainly feel like you would want to drive more in other courses after the tour.

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Name of the facility
First Vision Osaka

2-5-5 Shikitsunishi, Naniwa-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Daikokucho Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line, Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line)▶5 min. walk

Business hours
10:00-22:00 (Final reception at 20:00) ※The last tour will be from 20:00.

Regular holiday
Every Wednesday