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Did you know the REAL ninja? -Ninja workshop in Osaka!-

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Long ago, there was the time when physically and mentally well trained Ninja used to work as a spy in dark market of Japan.

Recently, Ninja is becoming more and more popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

Here in this article, we would like to introduce such an exciting place where you can dress and get Ninja training workshop in Osaka.

Located in very convenient place ( only a minute walk from “Shin Imamiya Station” on JR line, Nankai line, Hankai Tramway line or “Dobutsuen-mae Station” on Osaka Metro line), and you can join the workshop so easily to experience what’s real Ninja was like.

Let’s see what you can do in this place “Ninja-do”!

What’s fascinating about Ninja-do

  1. Try a real quality of Ninja costume. Feel free to take photo as much as you want. Great opportunity to take a snap to keep your trip memories.
  2. Workshop for a basic Ninja movement/technique.
  3. A rare chance to know about Ninja weapons and equipments. You might get a chance to hear a rare/secret stories about Ninja.
  4. English/Chinese available.No worries for language.

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Name of the facility

Osaka City, Nishinari-ku, Taishi 1-1-18 Wakaba build. 4F




Nearest station
■Shin-Imamiya Station (JR line, Nankai line, Hankai Tramway line)▶3 min. walk
■Dobutsuen-mae Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line, Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)▶2 min. walk

Business hours
10:00 - 17:00

Regular holiday
Not fixed