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Osaka Sightseeing Cruise for Couples To Osaka Castle and Nakanoshima

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In what way are you sightseeing in Osaka?
It varies from people like using the train and bus, joining a tour or referring information of tourists magazine.
But there is a different way to make an Osaka trip as well.
This time we introduce the sightseeing cruise in Osaka.


Osaka has good transportation such as trains and buses, but actually Osaka is famous as a water city.
As it’s nickname suggests, there is the river that flows through the city where a water bus is running.
Sightseeing on the river is unique in Osaka. You can travel along the Okawa river flowing through central Osaka by the water bus “Aqua Liner.”




You can go to Nakanoshima and Osaka Castle to explore from the river.
Once you get on the water bus, you can see around Osaka city with a different view from the surface of the water.
It’s gonna be the fresh and interesting views that are hard to see.
You can see Osaka’s beautiful scenery such as a rose garden in Nakanoshima, Nakanoshima Hall and Osaka Castle Hall while you are in the cruise.



The interesting point is that you can see different views in each season.
Especially spring is nice season for sightseeing.
In spring cruise tour, you will see lots of beautiful cherry blossom along the river.
Why don’t you try the Osaka Sightseeing Cruise to get different views??