Let’s enjoy sh

Let’s enjoy shopping and entertainment at the port. Let’s go to RINKU PLEASURE TOWN!

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Have you heard of this place? Let me introduce you to “RINKU PLEASURE TOWN” – the perfect place to spend the whole day shopping with family.

With wide parking space provided and direct access from the station, it is a very convenient place to visit.

First, let me introduce the shopping mall outlets.
There are a lot of children’s clothes shops and grocery stores and therefore is perfect for parents.
The information about campaigns and sales is kept updated so feel free to check it out.


Salt rock hot springs. Rinku baths(hot baths)
There are even hot baths in Rinku pleasure town!

Whilst moms with kids enjoy shopping, dads can relax in the hot baths… sounds good, doesn’t it?

After a whole day of shopping and entertainment, wash away the sweat and exhaustion and have a safe trip home!



出典:大阪の夜景 りんくうタウン周辺 -大阪 at Night-

The main sight is the Big Wheel “The Star of Rinku”.
It is illuminated at night and the place fills with a romantic atmosphere.
This is a place worth visiting, no matter if you are going with a date or just visiting with family and friends.

If you happen to visit Rinku-pleasure town, please try the Big Wheel!

Different events are held in Rinku-pleasure town throughout the year.
Seasonal events, performances, experiences – a lot of different events are held, so it is always fun whichever time of year you visit.

Name of the facility

3 Rinku Oraiminami, Izumisano-shi



Nearest station
Rinku-town Station (JR Kansai Airport line, Nankai Airport line)▶Direct connection

Business hours
Opening hours 10:00-20:00 *There are some stores with different hours.
Please check the store page for more information.
Food and Drink (except from the food court) 11:00-22:00
phosphorus of Rinku stars (Ferris wheel) 10:00-21:00
phosphorus of Rinku water (bathing) flat, 9:00-day 1:00 pm / Sat-Sun holiday 7:00-1:00 next day

Regular holiday
Open everyday