Must-go hideaway bar

Must-go hideaway bar in Kitashinchi!

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Kitashinchi is a restaurant area in Osaka with many expensive restaurants like Ginza in Tokyo.
There are many restaurants, including Japanese food restaurants, and the area is crowded with people every night.

In this luxurious area, there is a bar where you can enjoy drinks at a reasonable price.
The bar’s name is “Bar min-na-ba.”

Don’t you already feel like the place is casual from its name?

As a “bar with a reasonable price range” in an “expensive gourmet area,” this article is going to give you a full coverage of  “Bar min-na-ba”!


~A place in Kitashinchi where everyone gathers~

The name “min-na-ba” comes from the master’s hope for the bar to become a place (ba) for everyone (min-na).
There’s no need to feel nervous about entering the bar. As soon as you open the door, the master will welcome you in with a warm smile!

The bar is popular for its welcoming atmosphere, so even those who came to the bar for the first time can feel relaxed and enjoy their time there.

There are numerous drinks such as cocktails, Shochu (Japanese liquor), and whiskeys on the counter.
The surprising thing is that you can drink as much as you want from these drinks!
So you can help yourself as much as you want within the time limit!
What a treat for those who love drinking♪
In the menu, there are rare drinks that other all-you-can-drink places don’t usually serve!


All-you-can-drink 90 minutes Men: 3500 yen /  Women: 2500円
(Additional 1000 yen per 30 minutes extension)

☆Points to enjoy Bar min-na-ba even more☆



【POINT #1 Your original drink】

“min-na-ba” does not only provide famous cocktails like Cassis and orange or cassis oolong tea but original cocktails that you can make yourself!
It exciting to challenge making drinks you usually don’t order.
This is only possible with the all-you-can-drink system at “min-na-ba.”
You’ll definitely end up liking to drink more than ever.

【POINT #2 As a snack】

When you are drinking, you usually end up wanting to eat something.
But no worries!

“min-na-ba” offers finger food that changes every day.
The menu changes each day, but sometime one-dish meal such as Oden (Japanese vegetable stew), Bagna càuda, hot pot, and grill is served.
The dish made with master’s love is perfect for enjoying the delicious drinks.

【POINT #3 Tonight’s music♪♪】

After feeling comfortable with drinks, enjoy singing with karaoke♪♪
There is a karaoke machine, so you can enjoy singing while drinking.
Enjoy the time there even more by singing your favorite song!

“min-na-ba,” located in the expensive restaurant area of Kitashinchi is easy to access.
The bar is close to Osaka station (JR lines), JR Kitashinchi station (JR Tozai line, JR Gakkentoshi line), Yodoyabashi station (Osaka Metro midosuji line), Oebashi station (Keihan line), so it is a must-go place for visitors or those after work!

If you want to enjoy drinking in Kitashinchi, or when you feel like you want a drink, why don’t you visit “min-na-ba”?

《Exclusive coupon for Osaka Yanen readers》
Free plate of finger food to enjoy along with the drink♪
※Please show this screen to the staff at the bar.
Name of the facility
Bar min-na-ba

Heihachi building 4F, 1-3-14 Dojima, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Kitashinchi Station (JR Tozai line, JR Gakkentoshi line)▶5 min. walk

Business hours

Regular holiday
Sundays, Holidays