Enjoy a lunch at a c

Enjoy a lunch at a café in Osaka

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Osaka is known as the “nation’s kitchen” as there are many different types of restaurants, so it can be very difficult to decide which restaurant to choose. We will introduce the perfect café in which one can enjoy lunch.



Amongst the many cafes, “NOON+CAFE” is especially good.
The cafe is underneath a railway viaduct yet is like a stylish secret hideaway.
The main food is western style and there are not only light meals such as hamburgers and hotdogs, but also larger meals so your boyfriend will be satisfied if you go to the cafe as a couple.



The speciality of NOON+CAFE is the Hamburg Demi-glace sauce.
It is a plate which contains rice, demi-glace sauce hamburger steak, salad and yogurt.
As hamburger steak is popular amongst everyone from younger people to elders, the plate is loved by everyone and seasonal cakes are also popular as a dessert.
You can see what kind of seasonal cake is on offer on the board in the café itself.
It is exciting to enjoy such seasonal dishes.


If you enjoy either a light meal or a satisfying larger meal for lunch in a hidden away, relaxing place you should definitely visit NOON+CAFE.

Name of the facility

3-3-8 nakazaki West, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Umeda Station (Hankyu line) ▶7 min. walk
■Osaka Station (JR line) ▶10 min. walk
■nakazaki-Cho Station (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line) ▶6 min. walk

Business hours

Regular holiday
Public holidays, eve of public holidays