The seven deep-fried

The seven deep-fried breaded pork on a skewer (an Osaka speciality) and a pint of beer costing just 950 yen!? The well-known store loved by the locals

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Deep-fried breaded pork is famous as a speciality of Osaka and there are many deep-fried breaded pork stores throughout the city, including chain stores.
Deep-fried breaded pork izakaya known as “Ooiriya” have been loved by people from outside of Osaka as well as the locals for more than 15 years. Kujo is the hotspot for deep-fried breaded pork.



When one goes into Ooiriya, it can be seen that most Ooriya cutormers are families with children.
It is often said that there are few children visiting deep-fried breaded pork stores or izakaya, but there are many children in Ooiriya and the reason is that children don’t get bored as there are TV and toys in Ooiriya.
Whilst parents enjoy the dishes, children can play with toys and watch television.
It’s nice for both parents and children to enjoy their time eating, drinking and playing all in one place.


Ooriya’s dishes are delicious.
Their speciality is the deep-fried breaded pork which you can’t dip twice.
Ooriya’s recommended dish is the “special assorted deep-fried breaded pork” which has seven deep-fried breaded pork and a pint of beer costing only 950 yen.
It’s very nice to be able to enjoy such a delicious dish at such a low price.
The daily special and udon in sukiyaki with all-you-can-drink are also popular.



The restaurant is over two stories and has warm wooden tables and chairs.
There are 20 seats in the second floor, so the area can be used for a party.
It’s open from 4pm until 6am, and you can enter the restaurant after 12 o’clock so you can hold a second party in the restaurant.
It closed on the 4th, 14th, 24th of each month, yet is open for Obon and the end of the year.
On New Year’s Eve it will be open until 6 o’clock and is open from 5th in the New Year.

Name of the facility

Osaka-shi Nishi-Ku chiyozaki 1-27-8



Nearest station
Kujō station of Hanshin line

Business hours
16:00-day 6: 00 22:00 and 0: 00 later on allowed

Regular holiday
Closed on the 4th, 14th and 24th of each month, *also closed between 1st - 4th of January (New Year)