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Plum viewing at “5 famous plum tree spots” decorating Osaka’s early spring

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~View under a warm Kotatsu~
【Kawachinagano City】Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden

Plum grove of Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden
Source: Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden

You can enjoy viewing the plum groves of the Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden in a slightly different way from other places.
You can sit at a Kotatsu and view the beautiful plum grove.
Complete satisfaction of the body and heart with a warm Kotatsu and a beautiful plum grove!

Best viewing time of the year
Mid-February to the beginning of March

2292-1 Tako, Kawachinagano City

Nankai Koya Line/ Kintetsu Nagano Line “Kawachinagano” Station▶ take the Nankai bus from platform 7 in front of the station▶ if you take the bus bound for “Takihata Dam”, get off at “Okukawachi Kuromaro no Sato”▶ walk 10 minutes/ if you take the bus bound for “Tako”, get off at “Kamitako”▶ walk 15 minutes

Every Monday (if Monday falls on a public holiday, the park is closed the following day)

【Entrance fee】Adults 540 Yen

~Joint appearance of plum and Tenshukaku castle tower~
【Osaka City Chuo Ward】Osaka Castle Park

Plum grove of Osaka Castle Park
Source: Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

The plum grove of Osaka Castle Park is known as a distinguished famous spot for plums even in Kansai.
The number of plums extends to more than 1,200 trees of 100 different kinds.
As there are many different kinds of plum the blooming timing also varies and depending on the weather the plums can bloom as early as the end of December and January.
The castle tower which is in full blossom during the blooming season is elegant and a scenery which we recommend you to view.

Best viewing time of the year
Mid-February to the beginning of March

Osaka Castle, Chuo Ward, Osaka City

Directly from JR “Osakajo-koen” Station/ “Morinomiya” Station

Free of charge

~Proud of Osaka’s best sort~
【Suita City】Expo Commemoration Park

Plum grove of Expo Commemoration Park
Source: Expo Commemoration Park

At the Expo Commemoration Park you can appreciate around 680 plum trees of 155 different kinds at two places, the Natural and Cultural Gardens and the Japanese Garden.
We recommend the plum grove of Natural and Cultural Gardens.
It is located at the West side of the “Tower of the Sun” which is a symbol of the Expo Commemoration Park and you can enjoy a collaboration of the plum and the Tower of the Sun.

Best viewing time of the year
Mid-February to the beginning of March

Senribanpakukoen, Suita City

Osaka Monorail (Osaka Kosoku Tetsudo) “Banpaku-Kinen-Koen” Station▶ Walk 5 minutes

【Natural and Cultural Gardens entrance fee】Adults 250 Yen, children 70 Yen

A little trivia
How to distinguish plum and cherry

Petal of the plum and cherry tree
【Left: plum/ right: cherry】

When talking about “plum” and “cherry” the colour and form of the flower petal are similar but do you know how to distinguish them?
The blooming season of the plum varies depending on the sort and cultivation.
This is why some people mistake the plum for a cherry when the cherry blossom season overlaps.
But we introduce an easy characteristic which helps you distinguish both!

Pay attention to the form of the petal!

The petal of the plum is round and makes a somehow cute impression, the ends of the cherry petal are divided so you can distinguish them by looking at the form of the petals.
In addition to this you can distinguish them from the tree and the way they are grown.

Did you like the introduction?
Please enjoy the beautiful plum groves at Osaka’s famous plum spots!

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Please check the latest information before your visit.

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