Top 4 museums in Osa

Top 4 museums in Osaka! Let’s Learn, See, and Experience!

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Osaka can be enjoyed in many ways such as drinking, shopping, theme parks, the history or cultural experiences. Out of the various ways of enjoying Osaka, this article will introduce you to 4 museums that we recommend.





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First is the CUPNOODLES museum. The first instant noodle in the world is “Chicken Ramen,” which is still loved by people all over Japan. It was invented in 1958 by Ando Momofuku, who was the founder of the famous Japanese company Nissan foods. “Chicken Ramen” was built in a small garage in his backyard. CUPNOODLES museum does not only exhibits many items related to instant ramen but also teaches us the importance of inventing and discovering new things through its experience.

Inside the museum, the model of the garage that the “Chicken Ramen” was built is made, and visitors can experience the history of the creation on “Chicken ramen.” Other than that, visitors can enjoy ramen quizzes and also make their very own one and only cup noodle. (1meal 300Yen/Open Hours 9:30~16:00/Last entry15:30)

Design your own cup, and choose out from 4 soups, 4 out of 12 ingredients and make your own cup noodle as a memory of visiting Osaka.

CupNoodles Museum


Osaka Museum of History


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At Osaka Museum of History, you can enjoy historical heritages related to the society and culture of the past. From the 10th floor (Ancient) to the 7th floor (Early modern), each floor represents a different era, and historical readings and models of buildings of the time can be enjoyed on each floor.

An audio guide is recommended to enjoy the museum.

The audio guide comes in 4 different languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, and can be used from the 7th~10th floor.

Experience the history and culture of Osaka at Osaka Museum of History!

Osaka Museum of History


Osaka City Museum


retrieved:Osaka City Museum

If you are interested in science, please visit the Osaka City Museum.

Every floor has a different theme such as, “Electricity and Energy,” “Daily Science,” and “Space and Discovery,” and is popular among not only children but from also adults.

Enjoy many kinds of experiments such as experiments using wooden toys, large mirrors to reflect light and much more. Also, there is a planetarium where visitors can enjoy the stars with an explanation from a guide. If you a wondering what to do on weekends with your family, how about visiting the Osaka City Museum?

Osaka City Museum


Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses


retrieved:Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses

This museum was the first museum to be built in the open and was built in Hattoriryokuchi park in Toyonakashi. Old Japanese farmhouses from all over Japan are built here, and the place is surrounded by many kinds of trees such as plums, cherry blossoms, bamboos, persimmons and much more. Other than the houses, many items are exhibited which show the life in the rural areas.

Many events are also held at the Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses, so please check the homepage to see what kind of events will be held!

Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses




There are various kinds of museums in Osaka.
Let’s go to museums for a new discovery that we cannot experience in our daily lives.

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