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Experience Japan’s Summer by making Wind Bells

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There are only a few glass wind bell factories left in Japan. In the Kansai area, Osaka is the only place where you can experience glass wind bell making.

Experience wind bell making

Source:Kansai area information website eo Odekake

The factory is Kawachifurin in Higashiosaka.

Kan Tugihiro, who runs this factory, makes wind bells out of glass bottles that were thrown away. He carefully makes each wind bell with his blowing pipe, using the furnace which is 1350 degrees. 1500 wind bells are made every year and each one of them is different in shape and size as they are handmade.

Because they are made from a material that would have been thrown away, these wind bells are eco-friendly and also recommended as a one and only souvenir.

Mr. Kan Tugihiro selling windbells

Mr. Kan Tugihiro sells these wind bells at events and sometimes at moving stalls. Each wind bell is sold at 2500~3500yen. How about purchasing one as a gift or as a memory of your trip.

Mr. Kan Tugihiro takes part in about 60 events every year all around Japan, such as “Osaka Furin Festival” and “Osaka Tokisaimaturi.”

He wishes for the peace of Japan and healing people through the sound of his wind bells.

Wind bell making

The wind bell making experience is held every month except December to February.

Not only can you make glass wind bells, you can also make glass name seals which can be experienced throughout the year.

Glass Wind Bell Making ExperienceGlass Name Seals Making Experience
Time10:00~、13:00~(Reservations are needed)10:00~、13:00~、15:00~(Reservations are needed)
CapacityMinimum of 2 peopleMinimum of 10 people(30people maximum)
Time2hoursApproximately 30 minutes
Experience Fee4,500yen2,500yen

Many students experience making wind bells every year. Why not try making one for yourself as a memory or a souvenir.

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Name of the facility
Kawauchi Furin

2-11-6 Myokenzaka, Katano-shi



Nearest station
Kisaichi Station (Keihan Katano line)▶15 min. walk