Japanese cuisine and

Japanese cuisine and exquisite meat dishes” made with delicate skills at Osaka “Kitashinchi”!

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When you actually taste it

  • 【Sirloin​】

    The sirloin is quickly grilled in straw in the end and therefore has the aromatic fragrance of straw.
    Although the meat is thick, it is very soft and if you add the special “Persian rock salt” the salt will favor the deliciousness of the meat.
    Although simple, the taste is deep and with each piece you chew the taste of the meat will spread in your mouth.

  • 【Beef round】

    The “beef round” which has a more chewy texture compared to other cuts is sliced thinly to make it easy to eat.
    The restaurant’s special sauce matches perfectly with the meat!
    This is a dish of the finest quality.

  • 【Tenderloin】

    You will be moved by the tenderness of the “tenderloin” which is the softest cut.
    It really melts in your mouth!
    Various spices including “Akagarashi” of Yamagata or “Persian rock salt/ grated daikon​ white Ponzu and chopped Wasabi” are offered so you can enjoy the meat and various tastes with each piece.
    All of them match outstandingly well with the meat!

  • 【Sukiyaki】

    In the last meat dish which is served, “Sukiyaki”, a salty-sweet Sukiyaki stock soaks into beautifully “Sashi” marbled beef loin and if you dip it into an egg, the good flavor of the meat and the salty-sweetness of the Sukiyaki stock will be gently and softly wrapped up by the mellow egg.
    If you taste it with the clay pot rice which is served with it, you will be able to enjoy a moment of supreme bliss which couldn’t be better!
    ※The Sukiyaki stock is one kind of combined seasonings, mixing several ingredients and seasonings.

Picture of steamed abalone with jelly
Picture of Sashimi raw sliced meat
Picture of clay pot rice

Next to “Fillet Cutlet” and “Shabushabu” and other meat dishes, the courses also offer fish Sashimi and desserts so you will be satisfied with the volume of the dishes!
For guests who still “want to eat a little more” and those who “want to eat the same again” additional food can be ordered if you ask the staff!
Whatever dish you may eat please enjoy with your tongue a deliciousness which naturally makes you smile.

About Nikusumika Wacyu

Left: picture of the store from outside/ Right: Picture of the counter
Nikusumika Wacyu is established on the 2nd floor of the building. It has the atmosphere of a hideout and is ideal for those who want to enjoy their meal in a relaxed atmosphere.
In the mainly wooden store interior the atmosphere of “harmony” is floating and the restaurant is furnished with open counter seats and separated table seats.
From the counter seats you can see the cook cooking, so these seats are popular among tourists from overseas as well!
The access from “Umeda Station/ Kitashinchi Station/ Oebashi Station” is also convenient!

You can visit spontaneously if free seats are available, but we recommend reserving a seat in advance!
If you want to enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine with delicious Kuroge Wagyu beef how about visiting “Nikusumika Wacyu”?

The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

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Name of the facility
Nikusumika Wacyu

1-3-3 Sonezakishinchi, Kita Ward, Osaka  Koyo Bldg. 202




Nearest station
・JR Tozai Line "Kitashinchi" Station ▶ 2 minutes' walk
・Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line "Nishi-Umeda" Station exit no. 10 ▶ 4 minutes' walk
・Hanshin Main Line "Umeda" Station exit no. D28 ▶ 6 minutes' walk
・Keihan Nakanoshima Line "Oebashi" Station ▶ 3 minutes' walk

Business hours
【Mon~Sat, days before public holidays】PM5:30~PM11:00

Regular holiday
Sunday, public holidays

12000 Yen

A service fee of 5% will be charged in addition to the price of the courses.