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The Cheapest Vending Machine! New Tourist Destination!?

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Japan is a country with many vending machines.
The United States is the country with the largest number of vending machines, however, Japan has the most amount of vending machines per person and per area.
These numbers are for many reasons such as the high population density, advanced technology, machines are paid by the beverage makers, etc. The main reason, however, is the fact that Japan is such a safe country.
Among such Japanese vending machines, I would like to introduce an interesting vending machine unique to Osaka.

A vending machine with a free gifts!


First of all, I will introduce you to this vending machine that is in front of Kushikatsu Daruma near Tsutenkaku of Shinsekai.
At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary vending machine, but you can buy all the items for 100 yen and if you look closely the right side looks unfamiliar …
Actually, this is a vending machine with a bonus (with free gifts).
Insert 100 yen, press the drink button, then press the button on the right side and a free gift will come out.
The gift varies depending on each vending machine, but it is nice to get free gifts by purchasing drinks.
Besides Shinsekai, it seems that it is also installed near Tennoji Zoo, around Tsuruhashi Station, and in front of the Nipponbashi Hobby Shop, so if you ever visit nearby, why not take a look?

A cheap vending machine it is here!


Then do you know that there are many cheap vending machines installed around Fukushima, JR Noda Station in Osaka?
Its name is “50 yen vending machine”.
Only 50 yen?!
It is an amazing price, but even more surprisingly there are 80 of these vending machines installed around JR Noda station. However, the next vending machine sells drinks at an even more surprising price….

A cheaper vending machine is here!


This is it!
The 10 yen vending machine.
This is also installed in Fukushima in Osaka.

There is an interesting button on this vending machine that gives you a random drink. If you can’t choose what to drink let’s give it a go.
The average number of sales per day is 600 and it seems that there are sometimes more than 1000 sales when there are many people in the area.
Some people buy about 100 by themselves!

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Name of the facility
10 yen vending machine

3-1-16 Tamagawa, Fukushima-ward, Osaka-shiu

Nearest station
■Nakanoshima Staion (Keihan Nakanoshima line)▶10 min. walk
■Tamagawa Staion (Osaka Metro Sennichimae line)▶10 min. walk

Business hours
Available 24 hours

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Open everyday