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【LuggageDeposit / CoinLockers Shinsaibashi】Do hands-free sightseeing in Osaka! Luggage deposit at a surprisingly low price!

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Osaka, a sightseeing area which is famous among tourists inside and outside of Japan.
There are numerous fascinating sightseeing spots in Osaka.

It is difficult to do sightseeing with large luggage … .
If possible you wouldn’t you like to deposit your luggage and carefreely do sightseeing in Osaka?
There are many people who want to store their luggage in lockers but cannot find a free locker and have to do sightseeing with their large luggage as a last resort.
You cannot find a locker or there are no vacant lockers … .
At such times let’s deposit the luggage at ”Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store”!

At this price!? What is ”Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store”, the place where you can deposit your luggage?

Coin lockers

”Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store” is a convenient location approximately 1 minute by foot from Osaka Metro ”Shinsaibashi” Station.
In the area of Shinsaibashi there are many stores where you can enjoy shopping and eating♪
Let’s deposit the luggage and enjoy hands-free sightseeing!
There are 4 different kinds of luggage deposit service.
※Price list

●Coin lockers
It is the same system as the coin lockers installed in the stations and all over the town.
The charge differs according to the size and amount of luggage and will range from 200~500 Yen/day.

●Front cloakroom
You can deposit and withdraw luggage as you please within 24 hours and you can add luggage as well!
300 Yen/day

●Ecbo cloakroom
A service financed by the individual ”KSK Angel Fund” managed by the soccer player and former Japanese representative Keisuke Honda.
You can use an app to reserve the time and amount of luggage you want to deposit.
The payment is made by credit card and 1 piece of luggage of a size of less than 45 cm is 300 Yen/day while 1 piece of luggage of a size of 45 cm or more is 600 Yen/day.
If the amount of deposited luggage differs from the booked amount of luggage it will still be taken care of.

●Delivery to Kansai International Airport
When leaving Japan the luggage increases with souvenirs and other stuff in comparison to the luggage you brought right?
This service is convenient for such times.
If you request delivery during the morning your luggage will be delivered to Kansai International Airport in the evening.
You can enjoy the time you have until your flight doing hands-free sightseeing and the service is very helpful for the transfer to the airport. There are manuals in different languages showing how to fill out the delivery form.
2,500 Yen/1 piece

On top of this convenience comes the low price!
Kansai International Airport →Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store→You can enjoy your sightseeing route around Osaka freely!

Access to Cabinet Shinsaibashi store from Kansai International Airport

Take the Airport Express from Nankai Airport Line ”Kansai Airport ” Station  (around 47 minutes) ▶Go by foot from Nankai Airport Line ”Namba” Station (around 7 minutes) ▶Take the train from Osaka Metro ”Namba” Station to Osaka Metro Shinsaibashi Station (around 1 minute) ▶Osaka Metro Shinsaibashi Station exit no. 7 ▶ 1 minute walk

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Name of the facility
Cabinet Shinsaibashi store

Fukutaro Shinsaibashi Bldg. 4F - 5F , 1-5-27 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Shinsaibashi Station (Osaka Metro Each line)▶1 min. walk from exit 7
■Namba Station (Osaka Metro Each line)▶6 min. walk from exit 25

Business hours
Open 24 hours

Regular holiday
No Holidays

【Coin Lockers】
■S: 200 Yen/day
■M: 300 Yen/day
■L: 500 Yen/day

【Front Cloakroom】
■300 Yen/day (depositing, withdrawing and adding luggage as you please)

【Ecbo cloakroom】
■1 piece less than 45 cm: 300 Yen/day
■1 piece 45 cm and bigger: 600 Yen/day

【Delivery to Kansai International Airport】
■2,500 Yen/day